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    Hi! I’m pretty new to implementing CM, although I have read her books for years. My first is starting first grade this fall, and I’m getting together his books.

    For history in form 1B, or first grade, I’ve gathered that CM recommended tales from your native country’s “Heroic Age,” but I’m a little unsure what that actually looks like. 🙂 Do I find a spine? Do I just do random tales of Leif Erickson, Pecos Bill, Columbus and Daniel Boone? Do I exclusively focus on 1000-1600 AD? Help!!


    leaning towards focusing on the latter, i.e. early exploration age and the native Americans during that time. With that in mind, does anyone have good book recommendations for that time period, either individual biographies, “spines,” or “how they lived” books?





    You have many options especially for early elementary.

    You can purchase and use the SCM history guide for what ever time period you wish to study. This is what we did 9 years ago and have been very happy with the history guides, have used them all, some more than once as we cycle back through. You can start with any time period that you want to. We started with Early American/World when my oldest was in 1st because I liked the elementary book selections and did not want to miss them 🙂

    You could also just select books from a time period and read those. SCM has a book finder that you can narrow down books by age/grade and subject. Other publishers also have book lists you can select from, such as Sonlight.

    You can can use a spine but it is not necessary. When young the goal is to spread out a variety but don’t get too concerned with in depth. Your child has a lifetime to learn. The goal is to have learning be enjoyable and part of the day. Play games, reenact events you read about… learning is always happening!


    I love to recommend a tiny little book called Turning Back the Pages of Time. It really is small and inexpensive. It is an American history book list for 1st – 6th. The very most wonderfully fabulous childrens books on American history. Lots of picture books. It is organized by historical event – Exploration, Revolutionary War, etc. it includes a few spines. The great thing is it isnt overwhelming, even if you vowed to read every picture book in there, which you probably wouldn’t, it would still be a list you could get through. I loved the SCM Early American as well, but for a 1st grader I HIGHLY recommend reading wonderful literature and just enjoying the stories. Picture books are so rich and full of beautiful things. This guide has been my favorite for little people.

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