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    Is it normal for homeschooled kiddos to finish their high school studies earlier than their public schooled peers?  My 12 year old daughter’s “Big Picture” is looking like that will be the case.  While I’m not thinking of sending her away to college at 17, I was thinking that that could be a great year to explore some college level courses and still be at home.  Have any moms out their been through this?  I am looking for some wisdom Laughing 


    Both my older sons look to be doing mostly community college or CLEP prep by that year–I think it is pretty common.  What might she want to do?  I have one son who needs to be careful with early credits–some professional schools like veterinary and medical schools frown on a lot of CLEP, AP or community college credits–they prefer the student to get most of his college credits at the four-year institution.  But for most other kids, I think using community colleges or CLEP would be a great use for a “senior year” There is a lot out there right now on CLEP-ing and AP–I’m on some email lists that have a lot of info, if you want me to share them. 


    I know of several families whose children started at the local community college at 16.  Actually, most of them are girls, now that I think about it.  Only a couple of boys.  Hmmm…Laughing  Well, that’s probably another topic.  Anyway, these students are getting their 2 year degrees, and then transfering to 4 year schools.  So, I think starting some college courses as 17 is not uncommon at all.


    This is helping so much!  She will just turn 17 when she finishes her schooling (she has a June birthday) and has always been one of the younger ones amoung her peers.  I always wonder if we’re going too fast.  However, she has  been an avid reader from the beginning and had tested in 98th percentile consistantly across the board.  Her interst at this point is law, so we will be adding latin, logic, and hopefully debate of some kind in the 2010-2011 school year.  

    I appreciate everyone’s willingness to share their thoughts and experiences!



    In MN high school juniors and seniors can attend college free and get high school and college credit for it. This year my 18yo son will be attending a Community College for his senior year. We went to the Orientation and Registration last week. They had a big lecture hall filled with high school students and some parents. We’ll see how it goes. If it goes well then I might send my youngest when she is a junior. You can enter as a public, private or homeschool student.


    A book that may help you is College Without Compromise. I met Mrs. Wightman at a homeschool convention and she is so sweet and tender hearted. I also have their audio CDs from the convention. It has a lot of great ideas.  You can read more about the book review at:

    God bless!

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