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    Ok, so maybe I am a tightwad, or maybe just thrifty and poor. But why, when you finally find the books that are recommended, are they so expensive? I am trying to find Thornton Burgess’ books(and others) for my 6 and almost 5 yr olds. They are not to be found other than 1-2 places and they are like $14!!! I also am looking for the Moody videos for 106 days of creation. Found them, but they are $6 pls shipping! By the time I get all of the resources, I am broke and depressed! Yet alot of them I can’t buy at all because they cost too much and I don’t have the money. I had hopes that with CM I could homeschool in a way that would work with our family AND be more affordable. It has worked out better with our family situation, but not the finances. What am I missing?

    ps. we live in a very rural area, so the library has very few of these resources.


    Oh, dear.  What Burgess titles?  I can easily find various ones of his for very little new, but I need to know which ones you need.  I have dozens of them most of which I got for pennies or free; a few I paid a dollar or two for, and the Animal and Bird books were like $7.  I personally rarely buy videos–I try to find something similar available to me online or at the library or I just make do without.  In my home we do feel CM to be a very economical homeschooling option.  You just have to know where to look.  And I can help you with specific looking if I know which titles you need.  Here is a link to the free titles available on–all you need is a credit, which you can get by mailing books out or purchase for between $2 and 3 dollars.

    OK, so that may not have worked well.  Go to and search for “Thornton Burgess”

    Also, don’t forget to look for online resources!  Burgess books can be pretty short and I’ve read them straight from a computer, and I’ve read them by printing them off from online, and if you have an ereader you are all set—they are available online as ebooks from prices starting at FREE.

    Give us the titles you need and let us go to work and we’ll show you where to find them all.  Tell us what resources you have–laptop?  Kindle?  Stacks of old paperbacks you don’t need anymore?  Large cities nearby?  And we’ll help you find better prices.

    I really does not have to be expensive as Bookworm says, and the books are used for years if you have more than one child and make a wonderful library if you buy them. Tell us more about your needs and I am sure we can all chip in with ideas – it really does not have to cost a lot. Linda


    I agree with both sides. As when I do find them it’s great. BUT when I can’t like with looking at what I will need for Module 5 I’m getting upset. Most those books need to be bought and they are not on paperback swap and are not cheap.

    That is one thing I wish SCM would think about when setting up the modules is how easy is it to get our hands on the book. I love the modules have use them all but there are some titles that are tough or expensive.

    Yes having many children does help cause I can see it’s long term value. But at the time in these times, it’s hard to always get them.

    The library is great but not always reliable. Internet for me is not an option as dial up is my only and can’t see a video on that.

    I just keep searching and praying for the books to be put in my lap. Good luck and I will be curious to see other places to find items. Misty


    Wanted to say one thing to do is look for what is available in your area to replace a title you can’t find.

    Also, an e-reader like a Kindle will very quickly pay for itself (they have one that is less than $80.00).

    All the Thornton Burgess books are free online to read, print, or download to various devices:

    There are two pages of results there, something like 34 books. You can always grab the free Kindle app for your computer or laptop and download the Kindle files in Project Gutenberg linked above and read with that. It’s all free.

    Misty: One thing that is impossible to know is what books are easy for people to get around the globe. What ones are you having trouble finding for Module 5? Maybe start a new thread for it if you want. . .

    One thing I did to save money is substitute similar books for ones that were not easy to find, or that i could not purchase…I don’t personally believe we should be slaves to a booklist, there are many wonderful books out there to use for all subjects, and it is not so hard to substitute….so that is another option. Linda


    I have already started putting together the RECOMMENDED books for Module 1 and there are quite a few that are just up there in price for me. My choice is just not get those books but find similar ones or just add in something different. To my understanding about SCM, the books listed are not REQUIRED to be used. She is merely stating that these books worked well for her and she can stand behind them to a degree.She is also just sharing her idea of a schedule…which I greatly appreciate Wink

    That’s why I love this concept of teaching, well one of the many reason LOL.. You are not REQUIRED to really get any books you cannot afford. If I can’t find them for my Kindle, at a used bookstore, at my library, or online for free;  I just pass them up with no worries. There are so many books out there, surely we can find a replacement.

    I am also looking forward to going back to the DVD option for NetFlix. My kids LOVE watching documentaries and educational programs so I will be adding in videos to the mix eventually.



    Oh, and that’s one of the reasons I really love SCM’s Planning Your CM Education – it helps you schedule out ANY book you’ve chosen to use for your children’s schooling. Great help anytime, but especially if I just want to replace or add in a title or two.

    You can learn the basic 5 step process with this blog series on SCM, but I love the book even more:

    Hope that helps someone!


    I got most all of the Thorton Burgess books off Amazon new for $!.50-$3.00 a piece, since I had our tax return and was willing to have the Dover Edition paperbacks.  They shipped for free since I got $25.00 worth.

    Tons of the books needed are in the Public Domain, and someone (I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was!) made a list of all the SCM recommendations that are available for free.  I can’t find my copy…Does any one remember that post?

    Be sure to check out the Gutenburg Project, the Balwin Project (or site) and Librivox.  All are free and contain thousands of books, and lots are the recommended titles.

    You do not need the Moody videos – they are just frosting on the cake.  We use the 106 Days without a lot of them.

    When you get to a larger town, be sure to check used book stores, library sales, thrift stores and fles/antique malls. I live in a town of less then 20,000 and still find lots of them.  Also…substitute anything you can’t afford or find.  It is OKAY!

    Now, seriously, let us know what you are hunting for more specifically, and we will be more helpful.  I was going to mention that this method, even with the price of some books, is the cheapest educational curriculum we’ve found.  LOVE the freedom to use what we have and can get!


    I am lucky that we have a very nice library. There are very few things that I’ve wanted that they didn’t have, and I’ve usually been able to find an adequate substitute with the books they do have.

    Interlibrary loan is another option. It takes quite a while, at least in my area, but it’s a great resource for a book you really need.

    I love having my Kindle (and my DH’s tablet) to get free books online. Right now DH is in the middle of book 5 of 15 in The Wizard of Oz series with the kids.

    Otherwise, Amazon,, or are excellent resources for finding books cheap (lots of great books for under $4).

    Good luck finding what you need! It can be done…sometimes it takes a bit of jumping through hoops.


    Here are some links that may interest you:   Rachel’s first post has great sites, and her second lists books she was using, and her third gives great tips Be sure to click on Sue’s “here” that contains her lists  – pay attention to this one.  Sue gives you a way to actually see the books listed in the guide that are in the PD, and that way free to you.

    Hope this helps.


    Here are some other places for things/subjects:  – THE BEST homeschool method and site      free maps for geography and map drills     timelines, figures, maps, games, ect. For history    hands on kits for history studies     another awesome artist study   free foreign language lessons     – organized by history period lists of’s public domain audio books and lots of extras    living math stuff   free typing class   multiplication games  free drawing lessons    alphabet and number and more activities    picture and composer studies   organizing your life and homeschool   artists and their works    Free stuff, and then the membership was worth every cent!!  Pages for every subject and style!!  LOVE this.      American history   Laura’s stuff   free games, activities, flashcards, and theme units Eastman Johnson artwork  Free timeline figures – awesome!  – fabulous living history books   there are others too, and it can be free or purchased.

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