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    I am looking for a field guide – something fairly comprehensive.  We are only in North America for a year (primarily live overseas), and will be travelling a lot so I don’t really want to invest in multiple volumes (like separate ones for trees, birds, etc) or for one particular region only.  At the same time I don’t want it to be too general, because if it is too general it probably won’t be very useful.   I found this in the bookfinder – has anyone actually ever used this one?  It looks like it might fit the bill.  Or do you have something similar that you have used and liked?   Or if you have found something “comprehensive” like this too general to be useful, can you recommend a good field guide for the Southeast (we will be spending much of our time in North Carolina and Florida)?  

    Thanks, Jen

    Sara B.

    I was just looking at field guides last night, ironically.  🙂  But mine were more specific, from this site (though I have bought a few on other sites like and These are absolutely gorgeous, with color photographs and lots of info in an easy-to-use format (I think they have nearly all states in the contiguous US, but I was only specifically looking for MN).  I know this isn’t general, but I have a few “North America” field guides, and they are just that – too general/broad.  They miss things that we have here in MN, and list things that I’ll never in my lifetime see or care to look for if I am in that region, know what I mean?


    Sara  🙂

    Doug Smith

    I think you’ll have to choose between comprehensive and separate volumes. There aren’t any really good comprehensive field guides all in one volume. If there was one it would be too huge to be practical. Smile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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