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    Just wondering what your favorite resources for hymn study are? Favorite books, cds or websites? If you have favorite singers on youtube I am interested in hearing that also.


    We use the following for hymnology:

    a 1941 copy of The Lutheran Hymnal

    Hymns and Choruses to Remember (ABeka, 1980)


    Songs of Chanukah, complied by Jeanne Modesitt

    Favorite Hebraic singer is Marty Goetz. We like to use VBS type songs during the summer.




    I have a hymnal so we are using that, but wondered about background info on the hymns. Is that what the Abeka book does?


    When we do our hymn study we read one verse and I and have them narrate it back to me.  It can be harder than you would think.  Sometimes I define unknown terms and sometimes I have them guess from the context.  For example, we are studying A Mighty Fortress is Our God and we discussed what a bulwark is.  Also, I have them try to find/think of verses that relate to the song or verse. has an interesting series on Hymn Stories.

    A book series by Robert Morgan called Then Sings My Soul.

    My current favorite hymn:  What God Ordains is Always Good.

    Hymntime sometimes has the background on the hymns.


    We have used Hymns for a Child’s Heart in the past – it has a CD and a bit of background on the hymn.

    The last 2 years, I have just planned a hymn per month, typed out the lyrics, and found a cool video on youtube that we can follow. In the mornings, I hand out memory work folders that include the hymn lyrics, we turn on our video, and sing!


    The ABeka book is a song book with the piano music.


    Steve Demme from MUS has a family worship hymn book it’s accompaniment piano cd.


    Here is the playlist of hymns we use for our hymn study/nightly worship.


    Doug here told me about it.  Background, alternate tunes, all the verses, music to print out (if it’s in public domain), etc.  All sorts of goodies there!


    Alicia Hart

    We have been using Hymns for A Kid’s Heart. It comes with a CD and it has short bio about the author, a Bible verse that goes with it, and a short devotional.

    There are 4 books in the series and the music that goes along with it GORGEOUS full orchestra music.

    My kids really really love this product.

    There are 12 hymns for each book, and we have finished the first two books so we are hoping that SCM will soon be publishing something on this topic!


    I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone searches for this more recently – my husband and I started a hymn recording project to aid with memorization for our own family and to help other families who do regular hymn studies and memorization. We follow a CM curriculum (AmblesideOnline) and have been including hymn singing/memorization in our morning time.

    You can listen and download hymns clearly sung hymn recordings for free.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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