Favorite Netflix Movies for yourself :)

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    TV:  Downton Abby,Sherlock, Duck Dynasty!!! Don’t know what else as we don’t have tv so we just do them from Netflix

    Documentaries” Eden String Quartet, Indoctrination, Expelled, the Homestead Blessings collection – none of which is probably on Netflix though.

    Movies: Drama: The Notebook, The Tourist- don’t know why, but I liked it -kept you guessing, Dirty Dancing – I know, but I can’t help it!,

    Comedy: Couples Retreat- don’t judge!  my hubby and I laughed so hard in this movie we were falling out of our seats!- but not for the kids ,Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, 50 First Dates – surprisingly good in my opinion,The Goonies, Sister Act

    Period Dramas: Pride and Prejudice – BBC, Emma – BBC, North and South the English one not the civil war one, The Patriot, 10 Commandments, Ben Hur

    old musicals – Oklahoma, Singin’ in the Rain, My Fair Lady, The King and I, South Pacific, Meet M in St. Louis, Fiddler on the Roof, Wizard of Oz, the old Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder – just to name a few.

    Family: Megamind – so much to quote!, Monsters vs. Aliens, Tangled, Hook, 2003 Peter Pan


    Now I am excited to update my netflix que!


    Just remembered another chick flick – Letters to Juliet


    Julie and Julia is great as well.


    I just typed in Hallmark Hall of Fame in the Amazon Prime and there are a couple of titles that would be worth checking out.  I didn’t check to see what they are rated yet, but Hallmark’s usually aren’t bad.

    Belle and the Beast

    Under the Mistletoe

    Morning Glory

    Treasure House

    Two of my favorites to add to the above suggestions:

    Larkrise to Candleford

    Foyle’s War (So excited more episodes are coming out this summer!)


    Just as an aside- I was on bedrest once recovering from kidney stones and septic poisoning while my hubby took kids to the beach. I watched several of Sonya’s dvds to help me prepare for the next homeschooling year. I also downloaded mp3 talks to listen to from Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies. It really inspired me in my calling and gave me much needed encouragement.


    I completely agree with the recommendation for Lark Rise to Candleford! There are 4 seasons. I only wish there were more…


    Another vote for Cranford as well.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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