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    We are going to be using Weston Studios Biology 101 DVD’s for 9th grade.  The program encourages students to find books on various topics throughout the program. 

    Give me a list of your favorite living biology books PLEASE! Laughing





    We are also going to use this.  I have been looking for books to go with this.

    I think Handbook of Nature Study may be good to use with these dvd’s.

    I have been searching and searching for books to use with it and was going to post too.



    Sonya Shafer

    Here are some science book suggestions from Penny Gardner. It looks like she has a Biology section.


    Here is the contents of Biology 101…

    • Introduction: Defining Life and Life Classification
    • Plants
    • Aquatic (water) Creatures
    • Avian (flying) Creatures
    • Land Animals Part 1
    • Land Animals Part 2
    • Mankind Part 1
    • Mankind Part 2
    • Conclusion: Cells, Genetics, and a Brief History of Biology

    Karen Smith

    Do you have a link that would provide more information on Weston Studios Biology? I did a search and could not find much information about it.

    As for living books on the contents that Marsha provided I can think of a few. These book are not from a Christian perspective but are from first hand experiences. Each book listed below is high school level reading.

    Books by R. D. Lawrence (most of his books are out of print, but can usually be found at libraries and sometimes used):

    Paddy. This one is about beaver.

    The Zoo That Never Was. This one is about the experiences the author and his wife had in caring for injured wildlife.

    Secret Go the Wolves. The author relates his experiences in raising two wolf cubs to be released in the wild.

    Owls: The Silent Flyers. A cross between a field guide and personal experiences.

    Farley Mowat’s book Never Cry Wolf is a good one, too.

    Hope that helps.


    My fault,  Embarassed it is Westfield Studios, sorry about that.  Here is a link

    You can also see it at CBD.

    The best price is at Rainbow Resource.

    Thanks for the input Karen!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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