Exclusive Use of Living Books for High School? Do tell!

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    I have never exclusively used a living books curriculum past late middle school.  Here’s why – I couldn’t stand the disorganization of it!  That might be the simplest way to say it.  I couldn’t handle the non sequential introduction of information and I needed a well built scaffold to then fill in with living books.  I have college bound students that can’t make the scores needed on an SAT or an ACT doing living math only and it drives me nuts to think of only getting part of the picture on a science topic or a history period.  I don’t think I’d be doing them favors in their college classes if they didn’t know how to do chemical equations.  See my points?  Thus, my “spine + living books” method.

    Some folks do the exclusive living books high school and I’m super interested in how you make that work?  Are your children college bound?  Do you have some type of cheat sheet for topics that a well versed student of that subject would know as preparation for college?  How does it work?

    If you know of blogs or folks who’ve done this, will you point me to them?  I’d like to learn more.  I don’t think I will change my ways now (high school freshman and junior aged kids) but I might be pleasantly influenced and if nothing else, more educated!  🙂


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