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  • Andrea Davis

    Just a quick question.  I’ve been researching the Enrichment Studies and I’m fairly certain I’m going to choose them for next semester, but I just can’t afford everything for Term 1 up front.  My question is…are there a few things that are just used those first few weeks and I can space out purchasing other things?  Term 1 is going to cost me almost $300, and I can’t do that right off, but I can afford a few things to get us started.  Thoughts?  I definitely feel like I need some handholding in this area, so I’m going with the guide right off!

    Karen Smith

    When buying all of the recommended materials that we have designed to be easy to use is more than a family can afford, many moms successfully substitute lower cost options.

    Here is the list of recommended resources for Term 1 in Enrichment Studies, Vol. 1, with lower cost options.

    Scripture Memory Verse pack 1. You can either buy the verses already printed, print them yourself with our free download (choose one of the free PDF download options from the “Choose an option” drop down menu), or make your own with verses of your choice. The verse packs we have for sale contain several verse packs, not just the pack needed for one year of Enrichment Studies.

    Book of Centuries. You can choose to buy our My Book of Centuries to use, download and print our free Book of Centuries, or simply make your own. Whichever option you choose, a Book of Centuries is a keepsake that you add historical information to every year. You need one to use as a family for students grades 1-3. Around 4th grade each student may have his own Book of Centuries, if you choose. We recommend that any students grades 7-12 keep their own Book of Centuries.

    Handicrafts Made Simple: Handsewing. Again, you can buy our DVD or you can find YouTube videos, an instruction book at the library, or ask someone you know who sews to teach your children.

    Picture Study Portfolio: Rembrandt. Buy our Rembrandt portfolio with pre-selected pictures and a family friendly biography or use a book of Rembrandt paintings from the library or find them on the internet. You would also need to find a biography about Rembrandt.

    Music Studies with the Masters: J. S. Bach. Buy our CD pack with pre-selected music pieces, family friendly biographies, and notes on musical terms or find the music pieces on the internet, buy a CD of Bach’s music, or borrow CDs of Bach’s music from the library. You would also need to find a biography.

    Journaling a Year in Nature Study. Buy our book with prompts for nature study for each season or buy a blank notebook from the store or use blank paper and a three-ring binder. You will need one nature journal for each student regardless of age.

    Singing the Great Hymns. Our book has pre-selected hymns for 12 years so this book is a one time purchase for all the school years. You could also use a hymn book you may already own or find the hymns on the internet.

    Speaking [Spanish] with Miss Mason and Francois. We recommend this foreign language curriculum because it teaches foreign language in the same way that Charlotte Mason did. You could use a different curriculum or use whatever your library has.

    Laying Down the Rails for Children. This book set gives you lessons to help teach good habits to your children. Some moms don’t need the ready-made lessons so they skip this resource.

    Family Read-Aloud books. These books are classics that should be available for reasonable prices new or you can borrow them from the library, buy them used, or download the public domain ones for free. Select one group to read to your family. If you have children in both the Young Group and the Middle Group, you can either choose one of the groups and read the books in that group to everyone or select books from each group to read to everyone. If you have children in all three groups, you can choose the Young Group or Middle Group to read to the whole family, but assign the Older Group to your high school students to read on their own.

    I hope that gives you some ideas for how to use the Enrichment Studies lesson plans on a tight budget.

    Andrea Davis

    Thank you so much for responding!  🙂  I will look into that.  🙂

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