Ending history rotation on Module 5/Early Moderns Times? Opinions?

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    I know this is a preference, to a degree, but I am wondering if there is a really good reason to end my ds high school years in Module 6??

    The only option I have figured out so far is: combine Modules 2 & 3 this coming school year, then finish w/ 4, 5, and 6.

    My ds would probably enjoy combining (getting through 2/3, LOL) in a year, but I don’t know if that is a great idea or even doable in reality. I do know that you really can spend a lot of time in any given time period because there is just sooo much history to learn about.  I could spin my wheels on worrying about it, realizing that we can never learn it all, but if he doesn’t finish up w/ Module 6 then he will not have gone through that time period at a high school level.

    Any thoughts??

    And if we do combine the next 2 modules, how am I going to do it??  I will search the forum as I think there has been discussions, but thought I’d throw this on this thread, too.

    Thanks in advance.


    Well, since the families here combine I imagine a lot of people will end up at different points with different children. My oldest will end with module 6. But my youngest will only be in 9th then. I’m not sure what I’ll do with him, but will probably go through the modules at a quicker pace. And some things at a HS level that I want to include are Schaeffer’s How Shoukd We Then Live, Seven Men Who Ruled the World From the Grave, and famous documents, speeches, essays (scheduled in module 6). I’ll include TQ for extra biblical worldview teaching.

    I’d also consider credits. I believe module 5 is only 1/2 of an American History credit. I haven’t started really researching credits yet, but I believe they should have one full credit of American. So that’s something to consider. Other than that, I don’t think it really matters where you finish. Just mt .02. Hopefully you’ll get some advice from moms with highschoolers! Blessings, Gina


    This situation sounds like a very good candidate for keeping up with a Book of Centuries or other Timeline study. That helps mark highlights that you know you want to cover, yet makes certain to point out events/people that might only have time for a quick mention. 

    I remember seeing posts about combining years 1-3, then 4, 5, ,6 for a four year highschool study (I believe that had to do with credits.). Obviously, it could be done. Possibly consider a 1/2 year on 5 and 1/2 year on 6? Module 4 has so much background for the “why and how” 5&6 eventually happened.  The closer you get to our time period (module 6,) the fewer really exceptional living books are written. May be just me, but I’d rather focus more on the tge Bible, middle ages and reformation than the ancients (read Greek gods, et al) renaissance, and modern times. Yes, they are all important, but we’re in serious need of Biblical foundation, chivalry, and reformation. A careful study of the pilgrims and founding of the U.S. seems important, too. The fact that it’s been downhill from there (IMO) points to a need to learn from those that persevered for good instead of focussing on the lack of character and conscience that leads to depravity. 

    The only other “curriculum” option I’ve seen that compares might be TruthQuest and the author’s suggestion would be to focus on the most modern section. 

    I hope I read your post correctly and understood you have four years left to cover this much. 🙂 

    Oh, Veritas Press Timeline Cards are a very helpful way to cover quite a bit with limited time. 




    Thank you for the feedback ladies, I really appreciate it.

    And yes, I only have 4 years w/ my oldest and 5 modules left. I realize this will happen w/ each child in one way or another, unless they are in separate history rotations, but I don’t know that I want to do that!  Since he is going to be my first to graduate out, I’d like to make sure I at least tried to cover module 6 beforehand.

    So, Becca, what you’re suggesting is about what I figured, is that right?? We are finishing up module 1 right now so I thought we’d combine 2-3, then do full years of 4, 5, 6. If it were up to my son, we’d be done w/ Ancient Egypt right now (except the Bible portion, he enjoys that more than the books-but he is enjoying Cat of Bubastes right now) and move into something else.  For some reason (my fault) this module has taken us quite a long time to get through, it would need about 1 1/2 school years, not just one, for us to get through it.  I think we have a lot going on and don’t read 5 days a week like it’s scheduled, but if we don’t get through it soon, he’ll probably scream!  We have some very interesting books still to read that I really don’t want to miss, so I’m doing a better, more focused job of keeping w/ the schedule and that is helping tremendously.

    And he does use a BoC but we do not have the cards you suggested, I’ll look into that.

    Thanks again. Looks like I have some planning to do.


    I think you could manage Mod 2 & 3 in one year or did 2 terms each for Mod 2, 3 & 4, (so Mod 3 would be the last term of next year and first for the following) then did your Mod 5 and 6. It would be a somewhat excelerated pace, but if you used a book or two from each list as a Summer read aloud, you would have less to cover over the school year (if you follow a traditional Sept – June schedule). You could also drop a book of two, or substitute with a movie set in that time period. I wouldn’t sweat it so much if you aren’t able to give more than a brief glance at much of the Ancient material. You can opt to leave out the myths, or listen to an audio version of some of the books in the car, at lunch, or while working on a handicraft project.

    Personally I have been giving some thought to revamping my plans for History as well. We have covered Mod 1 and 2 this year, but I think I will re-do the ancients in 8th, then move through Mod 4 in 9th, Mod 5 in 10th and Mod 6 in 11th. Then in 12th we will offer History as an elective — either revist the ancients, or study American History. (We are Canadian so I will be subbing the American content when we do Mod 5 & 6. American Histroy is quite facinating, though, and understanding American History is beneficial to us as Canadians as well.) I will likely have them move the highschool years more independently. I am finding that as I have only two, and the younger is such a distraction and actually holding my older son back, it is actually less work for me to allow them their own schedules.

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