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    I just shared this on the SCM facebook page, but wanted to share it here too:

    I just wanted to share some encouragement to those who might be weary as you prepare for the coming school year. I was wooed by a different curriculum recently (a unit studies style) and really started yearning to change my methods and ways. This will be my first year having only one in school (just graduated my third child – have been homeschooling 10 years) and so I was thinking maybe I should shake things up a bit and try something new.

    I showed this new curriculum to my son and he wasn’t keen at all. He said he just wanted to keep doing what we’re doing. Okay, fine. Then I went back to it and was wooed all over again. I printed some samples and looked at it some more, showed it to him again and he was still not keen, but said if I wanted to try it, he would give it a go. I looked some more and realized how much it was cramming and moving over things so fast, really too fast. It wasn’t spreading the feast at all.

    So I decided to pull up some of Sonya’s YouTube videos and out some of my CM books and I was sold! What was I thinking? Once I started to pour back into the methods my heart loves and longs for, I knew my son was right, we couldn’t deviate from what we have been doing all these years.

    Sometimes the road just gets well worn and we long for a new path and greener grass. Well, the grass isn’t green on the other side, it’s greener where we water it. So over the next many weeks while I prepare for our coming school year, I’m going to water my CM grass and soak up as much as I can to rejuvenate myself in the delightful ways of Charlotte Mason. May we all feel the refreshment of her ways as we embark on the coming school year. Keep at it moms & dads, no one loves and cares for your children more than you do!


    “It’s greener where we water it.”

    This is wisdom!  Thank you so much for the encouragement today. This is exactly what I needed to hear, as the listlessness of the quarantine threatens to take over. Refreshment ahead!




    I love how you phrased this truth. I have been homeschooling for 10 years too and have had this same experience. Taking time for me to study and re-read CM words and others like Sonya, Karen Glass, etc. help me to keep my enthusiasm up for the long haul.

    I hope you have a great, refreshing year! =)


    Timely post, thank you!

    I had a similar experience last week. Began “planning” and all too quickly I had a list of books to purchase that I do.not.need. I know 100% God spoke to my heart and said SIMPLE. Keep is simple. I emptied my Amazon cart of all but one book and created our shelf of literature for this new year.

    FYI, we are beginning our 24th homeschooling year. This happens to all of us throughout our journey!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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