Encountering Living Book Skeptics

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    I have been incorporating living books into our homeschool for the last couple of years, but next year will be the first time we will fill our days with Charlotte Mason’s methodology. I found it interesting the other day as I shared this with my mother in law. She has never been resistant to my family’s passion for homeschooling. On the contrary, she has always supported it and even wishes that she had entertained the idea for my husband’s schooling. But the idea of living books was completely new to her. She didn’t come right out and say that I was wrong, but I could tell she felt that just reading books would certainly not fulfill the requirements for a complete education. I have very rarely had to defend my choice to homeschool my children and I think this is because homeschooling is moving more and more into the mainstream. But after my conversation with her, I found myself thinking that I may be called upon to defend my Charlotte Mason homeschooling choice. And not only to random homeschooling naysayers, but also to strong proponents of homeschooling. Have any of you encountered this?  Advice?


    I think that Sonya did a blog post or maybe a video on this very subject. You might search around the SCM website to find it.

    Using CM’s methods is about so much more than just reading books. Most people don’t know what is meant by the phrase “living books” to begin with so I’m thinking that if you come up with a short little answer that covers various aspects of what you’re doing you may have more confidence in talking about it.

    It helps to first gauge the person’s interest level. I tend to get all excited and want to share everything so I have to reel myself in before their eyes glaze over. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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