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    What are the  SCM recommended resources to teach this for high school?

    Rachel White

    I think in the past, Notgrass’ Exploring Economics was recommended. Also, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, Economics: A Free Market Reader, and some use the Bluestocking Press wrkbk that goes with it. There are some other financial readers in the Uncle Eric series.

    Other sources mentioned in the past:

    Another source, a challenging one, is Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics. Questions are on his website. An easier one is Lessons for the Young Economist by Robert P. Murphy. Here’s a PDF:

    Here’s the teacher’s guide

    These teach from the Austrian School of Economics; traditional Capitalist, free market system.

    If you have a budding Economist, then Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and F.A. Hayek’s The road to Serfdom should be added.

    A good series aired on PBS in 1980 called Free to Choose. Famous Austrian Economist Milton Friedman was featured. It’s 10-episodes long.


    Rachel White

    The Free to Choose link from 1980 doesn’t work, so here is the site:

    Because it deals with principles, the message of the series is not limited by time. There was a reboot in 1990, but I don’t know anything about it.

    Also, Economics: A Free Reader can be used separately from Penny Candy.  Also, some knowledge about the constitution would be valuable prior to reading the chapters and answering the questions. It’s a very interesting supplement.


    Economics in one Lesson, along with Uncle Eric books, is what we use.


    Ditto, Retrofam!

    This works for us.


    Thanks, ladies! I saw Karen Smith reference Economics in another post which was what got me wondering what the SCM recommendations are? I know they use Notgrass for Government. Anyway. I will check out all of your suggestions! Thank you, again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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