Economics curriculum blending

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    Bookworm or anyone else that knows:

    I am teaching a co-op 1/2 credit economics class this year.  I am definitely using Lessons for the Young Economist because I enjoyed reading it the most and feel all the kids ninth through twelfth will enjoy it.  My question is can I somehow add in better activities, maybe from A Bluestocking Guide or somewhere else?  All the kids have read Whatever Happened to Penny Candy but none have done the activities.

    We will get together once a week to discuss and turn in homework.  I can assign homework.  I only have an hour and fifteen minutes in class so I don’t want to “waiste” that time.  We have 14 weeks.

    Thoughts and ideas about how to best use our time in class together and their time (4-5 hours a week) on their own?

    I will suggest but not require the extra reading that has been metioned in previous threads. Not all the kids are readers like I am.

    Thank you!


    I forgot, I will also try to add in some of the video resources mentioned… Putting it all together has been a little overwhelming.  I like everything to fit together.  (I am rolling my eyes at myself.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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