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    Michelle, thank you very much. Just the tidbits I need. I’m going to sit down this week and check out the Khan resources myself. We love the Stossel videos. I taught a whole coop class of teens, year before last using those as the basis. We called it Thinking Citizens. I’ll use the Khan as our base and sprinkle in the Stossel and continue the Uncle Eric books. My own formal education in economics is lacking, only 1/2 credit in high school. Of course, I’m very aware of current events and their relationship to the economy, but I’m looking forward to learning more for myself, too. This isn’t a high interest topic for my teen daughter, but it’s too important to skim over, imo. I wish you would offer online courses in Economics, I’d sign us both up! I know that Classes by Beth and Currclick are looking for good teachers. Hint, hint. ? My Hubby’s degree is in economics and his career has him dealing with government at state, national, and international levels in finance. He’s a wealth of info., too, but his travel schedule makes it difficult for him to teach on a consistent basis. Congrats to your brother, btw. Thanks again. Christie

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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