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    I am looking for some easier readers for my ds7 who just finished 1st grade.  He is in love with the ocean but not quite so in love with reading.  So I thought I could find some summer reads for him about the ocean.  Any ideas?






    Rachel White

    How about The Sandman: His Sea Stories from Yesterday’s Classics?

    Also, The Burgess Seashore Book for Children from Dover and several books by Jim Arnosky:


    If I come across any more, I”ll let you know.

    HTH,  Rachel


    The Apologia yahoo group has a book list link to supplement Zoology 2.  Many of them are read-alouds, but you may find something for your son to read.  Zoo 2 is Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day, so there are many ocean books. 

    These are non-fiction:  We just picked up an easy reader level 2 about Sea Life for $1 in the Target school items found in their seasonal dollar area near the front door.  The library had an easy reader called Whales: Gentle Giants my 1st grader read.  We have a level 3 book  from Scholastic called Sharks and Other Wild Water Animals.  It is a compilation of 4 books: Chomp!, Splash!, Dive!, Chomp!

    I read-aloud a great series of books written by a diver, Wayne Grover, for children called Dolphin Adventure and Dolphin Treasure.  They are beginning chapter books.  My kids loved these and always begged me to keep reading after the chapter was over, but I made them wait.  They narrate that one through play now.


    Hi Amy,

    A few of the books that my children, ages 3, 6, and 8 have enjoyed are:


    Into the Sea by Brenda Guiberson

    This is a non-fiction book about the life of a sea turtle from her hatching to her return 20 years later to the same beach to lay her own eggs. It’s told in a story, but with real facts about sea turtles

    The Smithsonian Oceanic Collection 

    My kids love ALL of the Smithsonian non-fiction storybooks.  The books are non-fiction with lots of “real” info about each creature, but they are told in story form in an exciting way. You can read a good review of them HERE. One of the nice things about the Smithsonian series is that most of the books are available with recordings that your son can listen to the sound effects and read along. 

    Octopus by Evelyn Shaw  and Seahorse by Robert A. Morris

    These two books are part of the wonderful “Science I CAN READ book” series published in the early 70’s. They are listed as K-3 and are for early readers. While they are out of print now, you may be able to find them at your library.

    Happy reading! 🙂



    Here are a few popular ones in my lending library:

    Fish Do the Strangest Things – this is a Step Up book

    Red Tag Comes Back (Lobel) – a Science I Can Read book

    Sea Horse (Morris) – a Science I Can Read book

    Sea Otters (Shaw) – a Nature I Can Read book

    Dancing with the Manatees (McNully) – Hello Reader

    A wonderful old series is Here Come the… series by Goudey.  A couple that fit are Here Come the Dolphins and Here Come the Seals.


    thanks ladies, i will start looking 🙂


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