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  • Jenni…. I’m wondering if you used EP over the summer and what you thought of it. I am torn between using CM recommendations and EP.


    Yes, I was also wondering how it went over the summer–especially going from “zero to a ton” of screen time. How has it gone weaning them away from that?


    I am currently using EP. I kinda fell into it after pulling my 2nd grader from a charter school rather suddenly. I had no curriculum and no money to buy anything, so I started EP Level 2 Year 1. After I started EP I discovered CM. I will be switching next school year, but since she has already had a change once this year I don’t want to change in the middle this year. I printed the years lessons for reading and bible, which allows me to those off the computer ( I bought the necessary books for reading). I like EP, it is great. The only reason I am switching is the excessive screen time. I will likely continue EP for bible (can be done off computer once printed), math and english games, and possible art.


    Both my kids like easy peasy, but I use as supplemental. When kids want to play computer games, easy peasy games is what we use….

    We are currently doing a tour thru world history this year and I pull up art & music that matches the history time period we are in. Kids love it.

    I use EP for health and kids love the nutritious food games etc. 

    Lastly, as we study science, I also see if there is a cool video etc on EP that coordinates. Has saved my loads of work and kids love the videos of cameras going thru the body. or watching a catepillar turning into a butterfly etc. Neat stuff.

    Her organizational skills are awesome.


    I have not spend that much time looking on the site but there seems to be some holes in the history, nothing in the Middle ages or Renaissance.

    I might do like cdm2kk and use some as a supplemental.

    thanks for sharing, didn’t know about it!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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