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    It has been over 6 years since I have been on this forum. where have the years gone? LOL

    I am planning to use Early Modern next year, but as I look at the Lessons pages I am trying to match them up with the books. Where are the readings for Shakespeare and Beyond, Colonial Times…

    I can see how America : Our Stories, and Stories of the Nations fit in. Where do all the other readings come from?




    In the SCM Early Modern history guide there are resources lists as well as a chart in the beginning of each term that shows which books are used each week and each lesson day should tell you which books are used.

    Shakespeare is scheduled in the Enrichment Studies plans and there again each term has a list of resources used (no chart though) and each lesson day says what to use.
    If you’re just looking at the book lists on the product page it won’t show when the books are used. You will need to open the sample to see that. The samples only give you the first term.

    I’ll be using Early Modern (previous edition) this year too snd Enrichment Studies book 1.
    I hope that helped.


    On the Contents pages the 180 lessons are listed with the topic for each day. Where the 2 books previously mentioned are used I can tell which chapter we will be reading, but for half the lessons readings are listed that I can’t tell where those readings are found.



    It will be very clear when you have the lesson plans. Each term will tell what books to purchase for each grade, then each lesson will tell you which books are needed for that lesson. There are also reminders to make sure to have a particular listed book because it is coming up in a few days. There is never a surprise book listed. The sample lists all of the books needed for the study so whatever is on the table of contents is from one of those books, most likely the family books. I don’t recall the ToC being so specific to list each grade level book.

    The “Shakespeare and Beyond” readings you refer to are coming from the grade level books.


    If you click on the “Booklist” link from the product page you will see all of the scheduled books.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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