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    I’m planning my son’s 9th grade year and I want a course in programming. My husband suggests html, css, java to start as his company utilizes developers/programmers with those skills amongst others. I’ve found an Intro to Java class here – that we could do. I’ve seen Code Academy and Skill Crush, though they look directed at adult self learners. I’m out of my depth and I’m not sure what to choose as I’m tech savvy from a user standpoint, but not a programming one. Ideally, I want a full one credit high school level class with skills pertinent to life and future careers. He has not expressed a major interest, but needs elective type things to explore.



    Doug Smith

    HTML and CSS are part of web development but they are not programming. They are excellent skills to learn, though. I would recommend just about any student have at least a little learning in that area.

    It would be javascript rather than Java programming that would be used in web development. Javascript programmers are in high demand so that is a great skill to learn.

    HTML + CSS + javascript can be satisfying for students to learn because those three together are the core of how websites are built.

    Code Academy is a good resource. You are correct that it is aimed at adult learners, but I’m not aware of anything that would leave out a high school student.

    Let me ask a someone I know who has a business in that industry and see if he has any recommendations. I’ll let you know what I find out.


    Thanks, Doug.  For the clarifications and for any pointers.  I really appreciate it.


    missceegee-is there any way to private message you by chance?


    No PM feature here. Email me at my username at gmail and put SCM FORUM to subject.

    FYI, I’m not pursuing this as my son ha changed tracks.

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