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    Has anyone used Polished Cornerstones? I’ve been planning to buy it for several years and had deciced this would be the year, but now, after looking at the $48 pricetag plus shipping, I’m getting cold feet.  I’d be interested in hearing reviews and how you used it.




    Kimberly, I have not used this program, but i’m in the process of saving for it myself, lol.  I read a wonderful review about it from Steve and Teri Maxwell.


    I’ve got it. I would look for it used at HS Classifieds or Vegsource.I bought it used and think it’s worth half price.

    I think it’s very expensive at regular price. It’s a big book, granted. But it’s just black and white text. It’s mostly scripture, in fact. Of course, it’s all organized well. And that’s what you’re paying for — the lesson ideas. And there is truly a wealth of information. It’s almost overload. If you did everything in the book you’d spend months on one verse. Really. So you can pick and choose. I find it a good reference to have on hand. We’ll be going back to it at some point. But like I said, it can easily become overload.


    I wonder if the new edition is worth full price – it says it has a lot more activities for children ages 4-9.   A used copy on Amazon is about half price.  So tempting – this looks like it would be great, especially with multiple daughters.

    Jodie Apple

    We got the older edition used at half price and have had similar experience as Jimmie stated.  It can be overwhelming unless you look at it as a buffet, picking and choosing some of the ideas instead of feeling like you have to do everything that’s in the book. 


    Is there anyone out there who has been using the new edition? I would like to hear more too. I am interested in this book.



    We have this book and use it off and on when an issue comes up.  I think it is a wonderful reference!  The authors cover 52 aspects of womanliness: A Diligent Woman, A Thrifty Woman, A Studious Woman, A Pure Woman, A Godly Woman just to name a few.  I think it is worth $48.  We really emphasize Christian character development in our family and this book is a valuable resource.  There are lots of choices for activities and no we don’t do them all.  The variety of choices matches the variety of people who will be using the materials.  We, for instance, don’t have grandparents or very many godly role models to talk to so we would skip those activities and do other things.  In my opinion it’s worth the money.

    I don’t why all that was in bold but I couldn’t get rid of it!Embarassed


    I used Polished Cornerstones with my dd and Plants Grown Up with my ds.  I hope it’s ok to post here, but I just listed them this weekend for sale on several other yahoo lists.  You can contact me privately if interested.  We loved them! 




    I know this is an older thread but I thought some of you might find the following blog/website helpful.

    The author of has a weekly Homemaking Link-up utilizing the book Polished Cornerstones! You can find the most recent link-up here, , which has 64 entries so far. 🙂

    Bringing this post back to life for more info. I am having a hard time deciding on a book to read with my girls at breakfast time. Usually I read a poem but I feel like a devotional type book to read and think about is needed as well. Something that has short portions but meaningful. It would be a perfect way to start our day!

    For those who have done Polished Cornerstones, can you give me your opinion? Are there other books similar that I could research?


    I personally have both for my kids.  sons and daughter.  I think they are great books.  I like all of their materials. I think it would be great if you are not wanting to rush threw something. It is a book that you have to decide what you are going to have them do. You can pick from many different projects to try. Some are more time consuming than others. Some are easier to do than normal. It is a building character book.  It has many wonderful aspects. I do very little with my daughter right now because she is only 6.  My boys have done more.  I think it would be good to try if you have the time in the morning and you are wanting something to study something meaningful. It is quite large so don’t let the book overwhelm you when you get it.   I have bought some of their other revised additions and I like them better in some areas and I like the older ones too.  so, I guess I am not much help there. 🙂 I think the revised editions were more clear though. 

       What I did was bought the older version on sale.  When they came out with the new one I really wanted it. My sister was having problems with her daughters so I gave it to her.  Then I bought the new one.  I call them directly and asked if they had any blemished one they wanted to sell… Sort of like the Dented can sale.  They said sure!  They gave me such a wonderful price I couldn’t pass it up.  They can’t do anything with the ones that have bent up corners or miss spelled words so they have them lying around. I do this with some of my books I can’t get for a cheap price.  I look at what I can get it for on E-bay or vegsource or SCMcurriculum, orhomeschool classifieds.  Then, When I call them I know if it is a good deal or not.  Usually they are lower then what they are going for on those sites and I get it new…. with flaws of course.   One time I bought DVD’s from the Maxwell’s and the DVD’s were good. The case they were in a little messed up but I didn’t mind. I thought if it bothered me to much I would just put them in another case… LOL…  So you may try that as an option. Don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t think that is such a good deal either. The companies are usually willing to work with you…

               I hope you find the one you want at a good price.  Remember, It doesn’t have to look pretty to do it’s function!  


    Thanks Chocodog. It sounds like a beneficial book. Not sure about projects, etc. but maybe I can manage one every now and then. In your opinion, are the included stories “living”? Or do they have more of a preachy tone? I wish I could see a large sample. 🙂

    Thanks for your input!


    I’m not sure if the latest version has anecdotal stories for each trait, but the version we have does not.  It’s not something you could just pick up and read a snippet of every morning.  It’s got lots of great Bible Verses for each trait and then dozens of activities to help your child develop or study the given trait.  Then it’s got a checklist of sorts for assessing your children and I think one for them to assess themselves.  I use it as a companion to Laying Down the Rails.

    Thanks Rebekah. I found a short sample of the book and it didn’t seem to have stories. Although I like the idea of the book, I’m not confident in my ability to make more time for projects. 🙁

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