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  • So my son was learning Latin this past year and it was going fairly well. He was doing it on his own mostly, and learning a lot. But then he hit some bumps and started having trouble. After some time we dropped the program and went to English from the roots up, just learning Latin and Greek roots. It was like a breath of fresh air. We also got Rummy Roots, a card game that teaches Latin and Greek roots. I don’t know that I want to go back to Latin. I see my son’s vocabulary growing and on a regular basis he will comment on how a certain word is from a certain Latin word meaning “so and so.” I’m content with that.

    Anyone else not really want to do actual Latin?


    Me! We use Critical Thinking’s Word Roots CDs, and they are really a good product in my opinion. I think they have greatly helped all of our older son’s vocab. for not a lot of expense and ease of use (they self-grade which helps me out). If they don’t pass the lesson, they don’t move forward.

    One of my sons is already bi-lingual with Mandarin being his first language and then English. He wants to learn Japanese as well, which might be his foreign language of choice in another year or so. I don’t think it would be as difficult for him, because it is based in tones and characters like Mandarin.

    Oldest son wants to work in Denmark for LEGO corp. so he is wanting to learn Danish. OK, but how? Still looking for an on-line program or something like that.

    10YO son is working on Mandarin now, and I’m fine with that as it is by far the most spoken language in the world. it is also an ancient language that is very difficult to master, so it can only stretch his mind in my view.

    As for Latin, if one of them really aspired to be in a medical field or in the legal field, I would definitely push for a more in-depth pursuit of it, but Word Roots is working for us for now.


    While 2 of our children have had one year of CC Foundations Latin (cycle 3), we won’t pursue Latin as a language. All of our children study Latin and Greek Roots using English from the Roots Up flash cards and Word Roots (Critical Thinking Press). That’s it.



    I am doing the whole course of Phonics/Latin Road (hopefully) but I see no reason to have a strong basis on Latin other than to know the roots. That is what is really useful, right? That being said, if you can grasp Latin as a language then you can learn any other language more easily. It’s hard to piece out just how great it is for grammar, roots, and basic understanding of how languages are put together.


    Latin!? I’ve never even considered it. I hope that doesn’t make me a terrible homeschool mom!

    Seriously, I have a 19 year old son getting ready to start his 3rd year in college and he speaks and writes better than most people. So I say if you don’t want to teach Latin–don’t! I do think a second language is important. My son is fluent in Spanish and loves it. He uses it regularly, because he was asked to help in a Spanish speaking congregation of our church. I wouldn’t have wanted him to miss that for anything.

    Unfortunately I have not started any other language for my kiddos at all. I’m not sure where to start. It scares me. =0

    I’ll have to start a thread on that, asking what everyone uses to learn a foreign language. I’m sure it’s been done. I’ll do a search.


    I’ve been speaking with and reading aloud to DD in Italian since she was born. That’s the language we’ll study when she’s ready to do written work and read on her own. I’m not really considering teaching Latin unless DD expresses an interest in it later on.

    Art, I’m with you! 🙂


    I wanted to follow-up to say we do very light Latin with the Word Roots CD-Roms, and I do think they have helped with spelling and language understanding.

    As for foreign language, oldest wants to do Danish b/c he wants to work for LEGO Corp. in Denmark.

    Next DS is bi-lingual as Mandarin is his first language and he now knows English, though still a long way to go.

    Next DS is working on Mandarin b/c he became interested after going to China with us to adopt baby sister. He also can practice with big brother.

    Little DS and DD1 both know some ASL due to their cl/cp and hearing issues, so who knows, they may pursue that.

    I am happy for any of them to learn whatever second (or third in one DS’s case) they wish! Until high school, it is just an extra that they pursue as they wish.

    I don’t really consider our Latin lessons (with Word Roots) to be so much learning the language as it is just reinforcing our English language comprehension.


    Have not considered it either, I have no room in our schedule for that. I am already teaching French (my first language). I am sure it can be really usefull, especially if they end up studying certain fields but they’ll have to do that one on their own!!

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