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    I have a 6th grader that I will be starting into Analytical Grammar next year.  He has mostly a visual and kinetic learning style. Does anyone see value in spending the extra money for the DVDs that you can get with this program?  Our background with grammar has been 4 years of Shurley English, and the parsing that comes with that.  I personally am not comfortable with diagramming of sentences since it has been about 25 years from the time I had to do that in school. 


    I purchased the DVD set and it was helpful to my two children to watch it before they started the week’s lesson. I still think it’s important to read the notes for the week too, but I did find the video to be helpful since I know nothing about diagramming.

    That being said, we ditched AG after 5 weeks. I personally found it to be diagramming overkill and that there were better ways to spend to spend our grammar time than diagramming. That is just my personal opinion and I wanted you to be aware that even tho my children did use the video, it was only used for 5 weeks of the program. I do think it was helpful for my children tho (and me).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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