Do I need Language Lessons?

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for being patient with me. I am in a state of rethinking what we are doing. We have been using the CM method this year since September. We all love the change. I have my eldest who is 9 1/2 doing written narrations 2-3 times a week, oral narrations every day, spelling with a phonics based program, and dictation 3 times a week, as well as copywork daily. My question is this. We also use Intermediate Language Lessons. We both dislike it greatly. I feel like it is overkill seeing as it incorporates picture study, copywork, writing, poetry, ect… which we already do. I recently seen the recommendation on this site to focus on typing and dictation at the 4th grade level; and this made sense to me.

    I guess I’d like others opinions on what they would do. Would you drop ILL? Do you think she’ll be missing anything. I feel like she is doing plenty in the way of language arts already. Your feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you. In Christ, Bridget

    Karen Smith

    I think you may have answered your own question. Is it okay for you to stop Intermediate Language Lessons? You say that both you and your child dislike Intermediate Language Lessons and that you feel that it is overkill since you already do picture study, copywork, etc. You certainly don’t want to kill the love of learning by continuing to do something you both dislike when you are already doing similar things on you own.

    Will your daughter miss anything if you don’t complete this one particular book? Again, you mention that you are already doing picture study, copywork, etc. independent of the book. You also say that you feel as if your daughter is doing plenty in language arts already. So, you could probably drop ILL completely or substitute it with another book you enjoy more.

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