Topic | Do any of you use the study guides for Bible only and use another resource for history(such as TQ)?

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    We did Gen. through Duet. and Ancient Egypt this year. We enjoyed the Bible reading tremendously. We were all set to go into the next guide but my husband really wants us to do American History first especially since I have a 5 yr old joining this year. (My kids are 8 and 5) So, we are going to fore-go chronological history and begin fresh this year with the TQ guides to American History. My husband really loves the TQ guides and so do I. My question is if anyone here is using something else for history and still using the SCM guides for Bible only. My kids learned so much this year just starting in Genesis and going through the Bible, reading and narrating. I would love to continue on with Joshua through Malachi. Would this be a waste of money? I will prob get the PDF. Is it worth it to get the guide for $10 but not be using it for history?


    Bumping you, I’d love input, too:) I use TQ with SCM books, and have been a  yr. behind when the SCM guides come out so haven’t bought yet!!!  But am thinking I’d buy them, even if I only used the Bible portion. I’m just waiting one year so I can have my Bible and history line up better.  I haven’t seen them yet, but don’t think $10 is bad for a Bible program that you love and are learning with:) Gina




    I would say its totally worth it:) I use mine this year for geography and Bible only – just pulling out the maps and readings from the Traveller in Rome book- dd has another history program that is much more self paced and independent and she wanted to “do it on her own” gulp, so I am doing lots more nature studies with her and literature read alouds etc. The SCM guides are awesome just for the book lists – you can always assign some for personal reading or just have a book basket. I love the Bible approach so I would say go for it – plus, then you will already have it when you go back to that stage of history..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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