Do any of you help homeschool grandchildren?

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    This is a bit in the future as far as I am concerned. My first grandbaby (a little girl!) is due May 15th. My daughter and her husband just bought a house 3 minutes away. She has been working full time since they married almost 3 years ago but will be staying home beginning in May. They are definitely homeschooling and we talk about spending days together and I am drooling over re-reading so many beautiful books. I guess at this point I would love some fuzzy warm stories! HA! I am picturing books, baking cookies, planting flowers. Sigh… one of my 16 year olds just taught me to crochet, so by the time baby is ready to learn I should be pretty good at it!


    I hope to be there one day! My oldest is just 18 so I have a bit, but I have been saving our favorite books and toys for grandbabies. I am part of a fairly large coop and we have several grandmas doing the primary homeschooling, others who pitch in on a regular schedule. Its awesome to watch the legacy. We also have a few alumni that have come back to our group to homeschool their kiddos. Its so amazing to see the influence homeschooling can have on a family.


    I loved reading this! I have actually saved everything. Still have my school book shelves lining a wall in my family room, plus bins storing things labeled by grade (all literature style books). I decided if we didn’t live nearby a homeschooling child of ours we would give them what they wanted and sell the rest. I’m sure a lot of books will travel between our homes.

    We are purchasing L.A. Arboretum passes next fall to visit together. My still-homeschooling daughters love the arboretum.

    We’ve never been involved in co-op, but I do have friends that were whose children have all graduated and they are still teaching. That’s so cool!

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