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    My kids and I are studying Velazquez this term and really enjoying his work!  However, we have a mystery on our hands and while this may not be the best place to ask, I have no idea where to turn.  Google has failed me.  Here goes:  two of his paintings have what appears to be a piece of paper in them.  The Surrender of Breda shows a piece of paper in the bottom right hand corner of the painting, while Portrait of Philip IV shows a piece of paper in the bottom left hand corner.  Both are folded into half and half again and resting on a rock.  We would be thrilled if someone could help us.  The kids nag me every. single. day.  🙂


    We studied Velazquez last year and noticed the same thing! I too Googled and thought surely there was some great insight and explanation as to the mysterious pieces of paper, which seem to be out of place.

    As soon as I began to read your post I knew it was about the folded papers, which my then DS6 thought were diapers on the ground! lol

    We too would love to know, even though it has been over a year, we need the mystery solved!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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