Did I hear Sonya right?

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  • Sara Turack

    I have it stuck in my head that Sonya said something like “try to come up with a biblical reason for each subject you want to teach your children”. Maybe it was in a Q&A podcast with a panel of gals. Does that ring a bell for anyone? It kind of wormed its way into my head and I wanted to go re-listen to the context. Mostly because it would be awesome to do that but I do not feel capable of this task.

    Sonya Shafer

    Hi, Sara –

    When I was first starting out homeschooling, I sat in a workshop in which Inge Cannon challenged us to come up with biblical goals for schoolwork. In my mind these were the minimum objectives that I wanted to accomplish. So in other words, even if my child didn’t excel in a certain subject, this was the golden standard that I wanted to meet. I must confess that I don’t remember all of them now, but below are a handful that I do recall.

    Language Arts: to be able to clearly and effectively communicate the gospel

    Math: to be able to conduct honest and accurate business transactions

    Bible: to know and love God and to know and live according to His Word

    PE & Health: to keep their temple body pure and healthy enough to serve God wherever He put them

    Sara Turack

    Dear Sonya – Thank you for scratching that itch for me. I will take this before the Lord as we move toward school. Also, I shared this with my husband and he immediately had some thoughts to share. What a blessing! This is good for us, since our oldest has Trisomy 21

    I actually jumped on my computer to track my SCM shipment! Out for delivery! Like Christmas for this soon-to-be homeschool mama! And my kids just caught a glimpse of a squirrel so we get to add that sticker to Our PSL nature journal.  Thanks, again! You are mentoring me through this archive of YouTube videos. Blessings!

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