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    I was considering AAR, and have DR, so I appreciate these posts.

    For those wanting an inexpensive phonics approach,  Reading Reflex is nice.  I use AAS letter tiles with it instead of the paper ones they supply.

    For next year I am trying Ring Around the Phonics.  It is a game, which is a phonics program too. My dd who struggles loves games.




    Bare with me as I only scanned this post and didn’t read them thoroughly.  I own both All About Reading Level 2 and Delightful Reading.  If your child is already just about finished level two of AAR then she is more advanced then what delightful reading has for its teaching.  So unless you are just getting the kit to explain the concepts of Charlotte Masons way to teach reading you might be disappointed.  My daughter is struggling with reading and just is finishing with AAR level 2.  Keep in mind she is older almost eleven.  We are now able to pick up Box Car Children and practise reading that level of book.  If I remember correctly you do the specific lessons in delightful reading then go into the Pathway readers.  If she is done level 2 then she is most likely ready for the pathway readers.  I haven’t done the pathway readers with my daughter because at her age she is really wanting to read a book that has a story plot that continues with the characters.  It is her age of course that has her wanting more than just a reader.  So now instead of going into Level 3 I just looked up the scope and sequence of All About Reading and will just teach her the phonics of that level and then continue just let her read outloud to me which is really the ultimate goal.  If you had been doing level 1 of AAR I wouldn’t have commented. As I said earlier if you are just wanting to learn the CM way to teach reading Delightful Reading is the way to go.



    “One thing I wonder about is the different levels in AAR (4) compared to DR (1).  Anyone know if more is covered in the later levels of AAR that are not in DR? I like the looks of DR and we still have lots of time before making a decision.  Just wondering.”

    With regards to this, yes, AAR goes MUCH further than DR. AAR is a several-years worth reading program, that is so much more than just phonics. It teaches decoding with phonics, structural decoding, vocabulary, including things like synonyms, antonyms, onomatopoeia, alliteration, idioms, personification, acronyms, and hyperbole etc… It goes in depth to comprehension etc…  Not that I don’t like the looks of DR, it’s very gentle, but AAR will take you much further. Quite honestly, I find DR very weak in phonics compared to other programs that are for up to grade 2. It uses much more of a word-family, sight word approach.

    Jordan Smith

    We have a couple of videos discussing the difference between a basic vs. an intensive phonics approach to teaching reading. You might find them helpful:

    How do I teach phonics rules?

    Basic and Intensive Phonics

    If you’re looking for a resource to carry on reading lessons past Delightful Reading, we have A Child’s Copybook Reader books available for reading practice and Hymns in Prose. The optional Hymns in Prose teacher guide includes lesson plans for continuing after Delightful Reading.


    Thanks for that Jordan.  That helped.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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