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    My kindergarten son has zipped through some basic phonics and is able to read the early readers — pre-primers. I would LIKE to just continue reading these with him on a daily basis (having him read them to me, and progress through the series) for our phonics/reading, however, I’m unsure if there will be gaps that surface later by me not going through the step-by-step phonics and word development with Him.

    Has anyone else had a semi-early reader who just let them read for their lesson, with no other word formation practice?

    Sara Hagerty

    Honestly, I’d love to scrap the word formation lessons (even though I like Delightful Reading for my other children) because I just enjoy sitting with him on the couch and having him read to me so much more :). Just don’t want to be neglectful …


    My oldest son learned to read fluently at the age of 3 with no help from me.  By the time we started formal lessons, there was no reason to work on a more formal reading lessons.  I had him read to me, or read along with me to make sure he understood what he was reading, and to correct words that he had sounded out incorrectly.  Once I was sure he understood all he was reading and pronounced most words correctly, I let him start some of his reading on his own.  For him, that was end of 2nd, start of 3rd.  My daughter isn’t as strong, so she had more of a structured phonics program and much more help from me.  She is ending 2nd grade this year, and won’t be ready to read on her own.  If he’s reading that well, I wouldn’t worry about formal phonics lessons!  


    Agreed, especially because if he begins having a sticky spot where he doesn’t get a concept you’ll know if he’s reading aloud to you. That’s when you could start the word formation lessons again focusing in on what he needs help with.

    My 11yo hit fluency around 6.5, her 8yo brother is nearly there, able to do simple chapter books slowly, 7yo is reading fluently now, and 5yo hit fluency at age 3.5 with nothing from me. No joke, he’s better at reading than the current 8 and 7 year olds. The younger three boys don’t even have reading on their radar, which suits me just fine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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