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    Does anyone have a complete list of books in each of these series? My son loves the couple we have, but I’d like to have a reference list to order from.




    We were given a couple of old Dan Frontier books. My son just started reading them! On the front page there is a list of the books in order.      

    Dan Frontier

    Dan Frontier And The New House

    Dan Frontier Goes Hunting

    Dan Frontier And The Big Cat

    Dan Frontier  With The Indians

    Dan Frontier, Trapper

    Dan Frontier Scouts With The Army

    Dan Frontier And The Wagon Train

    Dan Frontier, Sheriff


    Thank you! I’m going to order these for my son right away.


    Add to the Dan Frontier list, DF  Goes Exploring.

    Cowboy Sam

    CS and Freddy

    CS and the Rodeo

    CS and the Rustlers

    CS and Porky

    CS and Shorty

    CS and the Fair

    CS and Big Bill

    CS and the Indians

    CS and Dandy

    CS and Miss Lily

    CS and Flop

    CS and Sallay

    CS and the Airplane

    Jim Forest is another great series for boys that you might not have heard of.  They are:

    JF and Ranger Don

    JF and t he Trapper

    JF and the Ghost Town

    JF and the Bandits

    JF and Lightning

    JF and the Mystery Hunter

    JF and the Plane Crash

    JF and Dead Man’s Peak

    JF and the Flood

    JF and Lone Wolf Gulch


    Robin, this is terrific! Thank you!


    Who are the authors of these books please?


    Dan Frontier – William Hurley

    Cowboy Sam – Edna Chandler Walker

    Jim Forest – John Rambeau

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