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    Hello everyone I was wondering if you guys could help me with what a daily schedule based on SCM’s Individual studies listed would look like? Would they do every subject every day? or would they be spread out through the week?

    Also, I am homeschooling 4 kids plus I have a rambunctious 3yo ds. Any ideas on how to do one-on-one with each of my kiddos? Plus he is at the age where he doesn’t want to be alone and especially wants to be with Mom or Dad only. This, as you can see, makes for a quite interesting day.

    Thanks for the advice!



    I focus on 3 learning blocks of time:

    • Mathematics (completed independently with Teaching Textbooks)
    • Language Arts (guided – includes Rod & Staff English, spell, vocab, oral reading, penmanship
    • Rotational subjects such as science, history, enrichment

    I dont know how mich help this will be, I am not very good with keeping to schedules. But generally our day looks like this with a 4th, 7th and 9th grader.

    Family Time – Bible, History, Geo following Early Modern guide; one “enrichment” study

    Indpendent time – each child has their list and they have till lunch, the older students complete Math daily, Bible daily, science 3x a week, Lang arts 4x a week, also assigned history readings from Early Modern Guide. High schooler also does Spanish 4x a week, Typing 2x per week, Govt 1x per week. They have roughly 3 hours to accomplish this, I wander around helping as needed.

    Lunch and family literature

    Finish independent work

    3pm – no more mom help, if you havent completed it and you need help you wait till tomorrow and do both days assignments. Mom needs a book and some tea….

    If I had a toddler I imagine they would just be in the mix  and be involved, which would just be part of life. I would probably schedule any math help or other more “intense” tutoring during nap time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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