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    Ok need more help.  What do I do about Dad if he insists on teaching math, does not know CM methods or care, does not agree with CM short lessons, and sometimes makes the kids do math for 2 hours.  He is really concerned about finishing a course each year.  I really want to teach math!!  Thanks!!


    How old are the kids?

    Really, we are in this together with our husbands and we can’t say, “My way only.”

    If it were my husband and these were little kids, I’d try to privately talk to him about shorter lessons. If he wouldn’t go for a twenty minute lesson, I’d work to find a curriculum he likes but that is much shorter than 2 hours!

    But in a lot of homeschools, dads do nothing. Your children are blessed to have a dad who wants to be involved!!!!


    What is the curriculum that you are using? We use MUS and I can’t imagine those lessons ever taking long, even into Algebra. I agree with the possibility of switching to something that even when a complete lesson is done per day it could not take 2 hours.

    I don’t worry too much about math being ultra CM except that I do agree with short focused lessons when kids are young, and even older math should not take all day 🙂


    As someone who grew up dreading and hating math (and the screaming matches that would erupt when my dad would try to “help”), I feel compelled to ask… Does he want the kids to finish the curriculum or have a real understanding of math and ability to use it easily throughout life?


    Maybe you can happen to leave some CM method books/articles laying about that he could find to read.  😉

    How many long lessons has he actually taught so far?  I am wondering if he will see on his own, over time and through experience, that it is not the best way.  I had to learn after many one hour lessons in RightStart that we weren’t really getting any farther.

    Another option can be breaking up the math into two shorter sessions.  I started scheduling two math sessions up to thirty minutes each (middle school and up) with other subjects in between that use different parts of the brain.  When you start losing their attention, getting that deer in the headlights look, you are wasting time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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