Cursive app for the iPad – woohoo

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    I knew that somehone would have to come up with a good app. The iPad is perfect for this type of thing.  I just bought the app and while not perfect, it doesn’t let you do the letters out of order for example, it is a great tool. I love that it has various writing tools to choose from (shave cream, gelatin, etc.) and even though that isn’t like writing in real shave cream, it is nevertheless a neat thing. You can add custom word lists, too.  

    FizzBrain Touch and Write 

    is available for cursive and print. 



    Fun! Thanks for sharing!



    How does the cursive you just got compare to cursive first?


    Binky, do you mean style wise? If so, it’s the same as far as I’ve gotten. All lowercase letters start on the base line. My 5 yo really likes it!

    ETA for $2.99 it’s a great little app. I emailed a suggestion today to the developer and he got back to me the same day. That’s incredible!


    TFS!  I got the app in print, and since I’m using HWT to teach DS5 I used the word list to create practice for the letters in order.  For example, I created a Frog Jump Capitals list and included FFFEEE, DDDPPP, BBBRRR, NNNMMM, FED, BED, RED, BEEF, MEN, etc. so that he can practice just those letters and combinations.  As we move through the curriculum I will add another list for the next set of letters as well as combinations.

    DD7 is still working on writing in print beautifully, and she has already played on the app some this evening.

    Christy, I don’t know how you find all these great apps, but thanks so much!  I’ve been wanting an app that teaches print but makes the child write it correctly.  We have one app with handwriting, but it could care less HOW you form the letter as long as the tracing covered.  The various writing “utensils” on this new app is really cool too!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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