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    Good Afternoon.

    These are the items I have left and also I am adding one things:

    SCM Shakespeare in Three Steps- The Taming of the Shrew- spiral book and CD from Arkangel   $10.00

    Please email me  with questions or it you would like me to send pictures.


    Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education in 5 Simple Steps- spiral bound paperback and DVD.  The book has some writing which I tried to erase.  $10.00

    Your Questions Answered: Narration  $5.00

    All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD  $5.00

    Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing by Sonya Shafer  $5.00

    The Books and Things Seminar  – Paperback book (has my ink written notes in it) and DVD set  $5.00

    Story Starters by Karen Andreola  – In very good condition  $15.00

    Exodus: A Commentary for Children by Nancy E. Ganz $5.00

    Matthew-Acts & Ancient Rome  by Sonya Shafer  Spiral bound paperback  $5.00

    The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne (Landmark books) $4.00

    The Story of the Greeks by H.A. Guerber  paperback  $5.00


    Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd edition- includes textbook, Solutions and Tests answer key and Daily lesson plans by Lynn Ericson  $10.00

    Exploring Creation with General Science 2nd edition- includes textbook, Solutions and Tests answer key and Daily lesson plans by Lynn Ericson  $10.00


    Math-U-See  Integer Block Kit  $25.00

    Math-U-See Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit  $15.00

    Math-U-See  Algebra 1 Textbook and DVD $10.00

    Elementary Algebra -Schaum’s outlines  third edition.  $4.00


    Exploring World History by Ray Notgrass-  This includes two hardback textbooks, In Their Words (hardback),Answer key, Student Review (spiralbound)  $30.00

    Exploring Government by Ray Notgrass- this includes the hardback textbook, We Hold These Truths (hardback), Answer key, Student review, and the 4 literature books that go along with this curriculum- all paperback- Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough, The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge, Born Again by Charles Colson, God and Ronald Reagan by Paul Kengor.  All in excellent condition.  $40.00


    Created for Work by Bob Schultz paperback  $5.00

    Suzuki Cello School  Volume 1  Book and CD  New  $10.00

    The Perennial Garden by Jeff and Marilyn Cox  Hardback  #5.00

    thanks so much,

    Stephanie Stover


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