Could someone give me opinions on my CM exam?

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    Hello, this year we are planning on giving term end CM exams. Before I continue with much more planning on these, could I get opinions from someone who has done this on what I have so far? Just to see if I am on the right track. I would really appreciate it! I Have been having a lot of health issues lately (again) and one of the symptoms is MAJOR “fuzzy thinking”, so this actually took some amount of time and if it isn’t right, I don’t want to continue in this vein with all the other subjects! At least I’m feeling well enough this morning to be able write on the forum without being overly scared of looking foolish. Ha!

    So what I have so far is just for the family read aloud books for term one. These questions do not include any individual books for history at all. We would be using Guerber’s, Story of the Ren. and Ref. , “Pippo the Fool”, Cathedral, and the Beggars Bible. These would be asked of each child, ages 11, 9 and 7.

    #1. Tell me about 3 historical figures (people) that you learned about and why you think they are important.

    #2. Summarize for me how a cathedral was built and who were the main people involved?

    #3. Tell me about your favorite character from the book “Pippo the Fool” and why you chose them. What was life like for people in this book? Do you think this was an accurate portrayel of life in that time period?

    #4. Tell me all you know about Wycliff.

    #5. Show me on the timeline (we have a wall timeline) what time period from history we have studied this term.

    #6. Can you show me on a map where many of the historical events that we have studied took place?

    So, what do you think. Are these to broad? Should I be asking different questions for the different ages? Any thoughts from experienced people would be appreciated. Like I said, I am planning out this year, changing many things from previous years and I am struggling with MAJOR fuzziness of thinking. Everything is taking SO LONG and is requiring A LOT of effort! I really do appreciate the help so much. Thanks!



    Miranda, I have fuzzy thinking too with Hashimotos and it does make even simple tasks challenging! Your exam questions look great. Are you using the guides? There are some exam questions written in the last week of ea term. I would do other questions on their individual books, but these look great. I would, of course, ask them individually.

    Great job!



    Thanks, Christie! Sigh… Whew! Alright, so if I am on the right track then I will keep going with the rest. I will for sure be asking exam questions from their individual readings per term as well. I have not used the SCM guides the past two years because we decided our overall history cycle would be slightly different than the SCM cycle. And we teach Canadian history/geography alongside world history as well, so that changes this a bit as well.

    Just as an FYI, your blog posts on CM exams was of great help to me. So, thank you for that! It was also helpful to hear your sons’ responses. He sounds like a real sweetie with a great “fun side”! ; ).

    When asking the exam questions for family work (or I guess individual, too) would you advise to have the kids be separate so that they do not hear each other respond? Or should the family work subjects be done as a family together but just taking turns narrating just like we would for a normal family work time? Just curious.

    Thanks again for the help! Glad you understand about the extra effort required! You should have seen one of the e-mails I had sent to my dh last week. He was so concerned, he ended up coming home from work because it made so little sense! Now I try to save any type of human interaction outside of the family for times when I am at least somewhat clearheaded! Blush…


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