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    I have a question.. when you are correcting something in grammer (using language lessons) should you correct spelling, etc. Or How indepth do you correct? Also, you make them re-write it or just correct there mistakes (not using for copywork doing that seperate).

    Also, I have a son who is not a neat speller and his letters are all different sizes any idea’s how to help improve his sight/hight reconition?

    I love all the help I get from you all and am blessed to have found this sight. Thanks Sonya and staff



    Hi Misty,

    I do have my children perfect whatever is written. Re-writing versus correcting is case by case. If the work is conducive to correcting then that’s what is done. Sometimes, though, there is just no hope for it and it must be done again. Also, if I detect that the sloppiness is due to an attitude that cannot be verbally encouraged to leave, then the work is redone, but I try to be very sweet about it as I remember my own bad attitudes :).

    I think it’s hard for children to get the letter sizing right. Patience is probably the best help; he’ll get it with practice. Gentle reminders to ‘be mindful of your letter sizes’ can be helpful also.

    If you decide that more help is needed, is your son young enough to not be insulted by the primer books that have the dotted line? We use the Roaring Spring Composition books (they’re the only ones I’ve ever seen, actually, so I guess they’re available everywhere). The red third grade one has smallish lines, but still with the dotted middle line.



    Rachel White

    Have you considered going back to basics for a little bit and just practice letters? Just a few at a time, to make, 4 or 5 perfect letters, a couple times a day. I had to do that w/my daughter when I realized I had started her on copywork too soon (she has visual sensory problems and no peripheral vision), so we went back to basics. Also, she uses Handwriting without tears because it is easier on the eyes for sensory issues. Also, I have her use visual/hand-coordination puzzles. Such as pattern blocks and equilibrio. Critical Thinking Co. has several visual thinking strengthening tools available you may want to check out. They have free trials to look first and right now many things are 30% off. This may seem too juvy for him, but I tell my daughter to “bump the lines” in reminding her to watch for letter sizes. I suppose that could be adjusted for a boy. Something like “Run into the LInes!” (ha ha)

    After all that, if you don’t see improvement, have you considered taking him to an optometrist that treats eye problems beyond the traditional vision tests?

    Hope this gives you ideas,


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