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    I was wondering if anyone has used or has opinions of Cornerstone Curriculum’s Worldview courses for Jr/Sr High? My soon to be 14 yo ds is really rebelling against AO’s yr 7. We are 2/3 of the way finished and both of us are ready to throw in the towel!  I am on a search for something to spark some interest in him – he says he hates history:( and that school work is just a waste. He also wants a specific list of assignments for each day – so Sonlight is looking rather attractive :)Oh and to top of the cake he tells me nearly every day that he just would rather go to PS full time – can you hear my heart breaking?  I’m thinking we need to strip things down to the bare essentials for a while.



    I also have a 10, 8, 6 and 2 year old and this year has just been a huge muddled up disaster. I really want to try combining ala SCM, but I’m afraid to try Embarassed. I have been using AO for 6 years and I feel guilty if I don’t follow it completely, and everything else I look at seems too easy after the hard books!  I feel like I wouldn’t be giving them the best.


    I’m sorry for the rambling vent! I have just been so overwhelmed this year with no one here to vent to!




    I can’t give you expert advice, but I can say do not even try to follow AO completely, they don’t really expect you to either, they just say use what works for you and give guidance.  I have used a lot of House of Education AO stuff, but I also use things from SCM – and textbooks.  Relax and figure out the things from AO he likes and the for the things he doesn’t, find an alternative from SCM or elsewhere.  I am sad when I hear someone say they hate history – it is a wonderful subject, one of my college majors, so I want kids to love it.  Just because you don’t use AO does not mean you are not giving them the best, and just because you mix things up with other ideas does not mean you are failing your child.  You have to use books that suit you and your child, no book is perfect.  My girls love Churchill, but many don’t and that is fine – don’t worry about that.  Regarding Sonlight, I hate to say this but I know from reading about it and friends who have used it, that unless you are willing to be flexible, you could again find yourself feeling like you have to do everything, and then you will burn out – so be careful with that.  What is it about AO that is causing your son to hate history?  Is it particular books, the load, or what?  Maybe we can all think of ways to encourage change in a good way for you both.  Don’t feel bad about not doing it all though, no-one could without burnout – you need to only do what is best for your son and children.  Simply CM’s organizer lets you put in a daily schedule to work on, maybe that would help or you could write outa schedule for him.  Can you be more specific on his problems, likes, dislikes – as long as bad habits are not involved, you should be able to figure out a way to make life and learning better, if it is bad habit or attitude  then you need to work on that first and then move forward.  Hope this helps.  Linda


    regarding his desire for a list of assignments, the SCM organizer is perfect for this.  My 12 yo, well, both my boys actually, love having an assigment list each day they can check off.  He asks for it if I forget to print one out, even though he pretty much knows the schedule.  I guess it gives him a sense of accomplishment each day. 

    Are there any particular interests he has that he could focus on and develop for a while?   

    – Sharity 


    Any opinions on the Cornerstones Curriculum Worldviews courses?   Laughing

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