Copywork/ Startwrite–need advice

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  • Michele Barmore

    I was looking at this last night and thought this would be great for making our own copywork.

    I downloaded the free trial — and could not figure out how to use it.

    I would really like to make our own copywork, I don’t need any fancy pictures or frills.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??

    I would just like to be able to adjust the font for different ages and put blank lines directly under sentences for the littles.

    Yet do larger—1/2to full page ones for older children.

    Any advice would be great


    I have startwrite and will try and explains some if I can.  When you start your text, the font size will stay that same for that box.  You can input another box right below that one if you want a different font size.  If you hit enter, you can get blank lines below the text.  But sometimes, I want the text printed for them in a smaller text so they can copy it but I want the lines bigger to give them plenty of room to write.  So I would type out the text then start another box in a larger font but just hit enter repeatly so that I have larger lines.

    I am not very good at explaining it but maybe you can try and then come back and ask more question if you need.



    You can do all that with Startwrite, we use it. 🙂 All though I wish they made it compatible with A4 paper, but anyway.


    Once you add a line to the page you can drag it anywhere you like. I like to put the lines in there and write on one line and leave the next line open for copywork. 😀


    If all you want to do is make copywork (not tracers)  there is a free font for MS Word that you can use……..PM me andI will email it to you…..I cannot figure out how to atache it here



    There is also a good free cursive font on Donna Young’s site… and there are directions (if using word) on how to change it to an outline if you do the tracing thing.   

    I have used it to make copywork too – but found the online link I gave on another discussion easier.


    I love startwrite & use it often,  Just wanted to chime in

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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