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    Some friends and I are starting a coop with just 4 families right now. Two ladies will be teaching the older kids, age 8 and up, another will be with the preschoolers and babies, and somehow I got the 6-8 year olds. The moms want me to teach their kids to read. I loved teaching my son to read. He’s 8 and reading pretty much everything now, so will be in the older class. But my class will be a couple of 8 year old boys who can’t read (my oldest son’s friends), my younger son who will soon be 6, and another 6 year old boy and girl. I can’t see how I can teach these kids to read with a class once a week, while I’ll be working with my son on reading everyday. So, does anyone have some tips for me? I use the IEW reading and writing program for my kids, but also have Delightful Reading level 1. I think a letter of the week would be too simple and easy for the older ones and for my son, who already knows all the letters. We have a meeting planned for Tuesday to talk about what we’re doing, but I’d love some ideas to bring with me!


    I agree that you can not teach reading if done only one day/week. Is it that they need to learn to read, or just encouragement? For my three children reading became fun and enjoyable right around the age of 9. Prior to that reading was still hard work, and took a lot of thought and time. Right around 9 it really came together and became easier and more enjoyable.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think I would approach it more from encouraging reading by making reading enjoyable. Encompass different reading related activities. Maybe one week do a show and tell and each student brings a favorite book that they like to read or one they like to have read to them. They can share why they like it. Once they are comfortable with the group maybe one week they could read an excerpt from the book, giving them plenty of time to practice at home (reading outloud can be intimidating for some students so make sure they are comfortable with it). You could make up silly sentences, Dr Suess books have such fun silly sentences, and the kids could read and then act them out. Poems could also be a good place to start. They could pick a poem, give them a few options, they copy it in their best hand writing draw a picture to go with it and present it to the class doing their best to have it memorized. It does not have to be long and they could even take a few weeks to work on it alongside other things. They could make a comic book as a class, each helping and working together to tell the story.</p>
    I think I would rather approach it from reading is fun, yes it can take time to master we all learn and master skill at different times, but encourage the fun side of reading. More of language arts appreciation, appreciate the fun in language because for so many student then fun of learning is lost when it comes to reading. So much pressure to get it right and get it young. Some do master young, but for many it just takes time.


    Great ideas! I will try to make it more of a “Get excited about reading!” class, rather than trying to teach them how to read. I just needed that mental shift. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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