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      <li style=”text-align: left;”>I want to be involved in much of my kids schooling, but I am addicted to my phone/facebook. In all honesty, I loathe facebook. However, I am stuck at the moment. I have a sort of home based business and 99% of my sales are made on the internet and about 98% of those on facebook. Before covid hit we were doing well enough to where I could slow down a bit and not worry about selling as much. Then covid hit and my husband’s overtime and monthly bonuses were taken away. I love the CM method, but I always feel so disjointed. Right now my kids are doing most of their school on their own and we get to family stuff when I have time. Some weeks we don’t touch our Bible or history. I feel absolutely, horribly guilty and things need to change. I am constantly distracted and I hate the feeling. We are not using SCM right now. My plan was to do Truthquest history. We are on our 11th year of homeschooling.  It didn’t feel this hard when the kids were little, before I found FB groups and ALL the curriculum options. What do I do? How on earth do I find a good balance?

    I don’t know what your business is, but can you set ‘work hours’ where you can use your phone to check in and do what you need to for work? Truly, people do not need an instant response to anything. Their messages can sit there for half a day or a day even.

    When it is NOT work hours, the phone gets put on a different floor of the house than where you are at doing school or spending time with your family, preferably turned off. Because, again, very little really needs taken care of right away. People can always leave a message.

    An example:

    If your work hours are from 1pm-2pm, and 6pm-7pm, then at 7pm each evening you shut down your phone and put it in a drawer upstairs (or closet). In the morning, wake up and enjoy your kids. Do your learning and school work together. Cook. Read a good book aloud. Serve someone. Play a game with the kids. Go outside and enjoy nature, go for a walk.

    At 1pm let your kids know you’re going to do work until 2pm. Set an alarm for 1:55pm. Sit in a quiet place and work until the alarm goes off. Then shut down the phone and put it away again. Go back and be with your family. (Extra accountability – tell the kids what activity you will do together at 2pm when your work hour is over.)

    At 6pm, again, let the family know you’re going to work until 7pm. Set that alarm for 6:55pm, work hard, and then shut down the phone and put it away until the next afternoon.

    Other important things to do:

    Delete all extra apps on your phone. Anything you waste time with.

    Unfollow all the people/places on Facebook that are your rabbit hole… where you fall in and get distracted from work. You really don’t need to do anything on FB but check messages and maybe put up a post on a business page. Never scroll the feed!


    I also got rid of all unnecessary FB groups. I only have a couple for HS.

    Could you set an automatic reply to any enquiries you receive for your business? Something along the lines of, “Thank you for your enquiry, we will reply within the next—-hours.”

    I would say most people would not expect an immediate response. I know for myself that a reply within 24 hours is acceptable.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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