Combining Modules 5 & 6 for High School

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    I’ve been looking at the many discussions on this topic, but I was wondering if anyone else out there has thought of this particular situation for a last high school year. Using the SCM lesson plan books; combining Early Modern & Epistles with Modern Times & Epistles:

    Say for example 1st semester — Module 5 Early Modern& Epistles

    and then for the second semester — Module 6Modern Times& Epistles, Revelation

    In my state, the graduation credit requirements for “History” are:
    World History & Geography (1 credit)
    U.S. History & Geography (1 credit)

    We have completed all previous modules in the middle school & early high school years.


    I am looking at doing this for my daughter senior year. We have our World credits but she needs a whole American history credit to graduate. I went through the two modules and made a spreadsheet of just the American assignments. It ended up being like 150 days. I thought she could do the family stuff with her younger brother and I so she would get some of world, but wouldn’t have her own assignments. I am sure it would work out just fine. Though I think I would spread about American voices a bit more. The schedule has them reading large portions of it, 10-20 pages, and some of it is dense. The big struggle I have is that younger brother will only do the EM module, so we wouldn’t be as lined up as I would like. The alternative is skipping Middle Ages junior year and going straight from Rome to EM, which I cant bear to do. I may just add in additional bios or literature for EM and giving her a full credit even though we only get to the Civil War. Where I live there are no requirements for what American History should cover.


    Good to know others are thinking of this too. (I like to do spreadsheets too!)

    Sounds ok for the American History credit – 150 days. I haven’t had much success in the past with doing to much reading. I’ve reduced the book lists each year to just cover what we think would be the most basic reading to get the most out of the history time period.

    I would hesitate to skip Middle Ages as well, since we are currently studying this and there are some wonderful topics we are learning.

    Adding additional bios or literature for EM sounds like it would work. We don’t have specific requirements for American History either.

    I’ll try making some spreadsheets as well and hopefully I can get back to this post for updates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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