Combining Math on the Level and LOF

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    Hi All,
    I haven’t posted on here in quite a while. But, I do have a question. If there are any math users of either Math on the Level and Life of Fred, I would love to hear your thoughts on combining the two together. I’ve got an 11 year old daughter who has consistently struggled with math, hates math, and has a general disdain and poor attitude toward math teaching time. She does enjoy Life of Fred and the approach and method seem to work for her. However, because she is behind, (almost done with Ice Cream), I wondered if I should try to incorporate MOL as well. I like the reviews that Heather Woodie has on her Blog She Wrote blog, and I’m wondering if it might be a nice fit for just helping fill in some gaps and/or helping understanding and progress.
    Thank you!


    Jenni, I do not use both, although I had thought about possibly doing LOF with MOTL, which we already have. My 12yo daughter has a ‘more than moderate’ learning disability in math. I had her tested, and the neuro psychologist gave me areas to work on, just so she has what she needs to function as an adult. Although I can’t help you specifically, it does sound like it would fine to use them together. I just briefly went on the blog you mentioned. I didn’t have time to read everything, but I want to go back later and read what she has to say. I may get LOF for my daughter as well. She likes funny things, so this may be good for her. Thank you for mentioning this blog. It may prove to be helpful for us as well.


    I love Heather’s homeschooling approach. And I appreciate her input on both of these programs. My daughter absolutely hates math and doesn’t understand much of it. But, Life of Fred has made a huge difference. The other day I pulled out Times Tales because she has been having so much trouble memorizing the times tables and it worked wonders. I think that because she has had so much trouble, and has serious issues with retention and recall, that I thought the MOTL might be a good idea for their “5 a day” approach. Just something simple to re-enforce what she’s already working on, and fill in the gaps for things she’s forgotten and never really understood. Glad I could be of help to you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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