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    Okay, so I’m only combining 5th and 1st and many of you have more than that. 🙂

    For history, do y’all have all your children sit through readings of all the books for that lesson?  Or just ones that pertain to their grade?  For example, tomorrow we are to read a chapter from Famous Men of the Middle Ages (family), a chapter from Viking Adventure (1st), and 1/2 a chapter from The Vikings (for 5th).  I guess what I’m really asking is should my 1st grader sit through all those readings?  She WILL sit there, but should I have her narrate the older child’s book as well?

    (Have I made any sense here?  LOL)


    I would not have her narrate the older child’s books. If she chooses to comment or says, “Hey, what about me?!” Then, fine, but don’t ask for a narration. And I’m not sure about the Middle Ages book as we have not used it but if she’ll sit and listen in, then that’s great! I don’t know if my boys in first grade would have but that’s been awhile ago 🙂



    Thank you very much!!!!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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