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    I’ve been looking through the six module cycle for history. My son (L) will be starting first grade soon and going through each history module as is would work great for his high school credits. But when I factor in his youngest brother (N), he wouldn’t get through the cycles in a neat order to get all of his high school credits. For N we would eventually have to double up history on top of a government curriculum.

    So my thinking, was to combine the ancient history modules 1-3 right from the start (grade 1). I’ve seen other forum posts talk about doubling up, or removing Bible and neither one seems a good option for us. Possibly too much work for a grade 1 with a toddler in tow and I really want the feast of biblical history.

    My thought was to split the ancient history modules into terms like so:

    First cycle through – work through  term 1 of each ancient history module

    Second cycle through – work through term 2 of each ancient history module

    Third cycle through – work through term 3 of each ancient history module

    So each time through we get a little bit of each but it’s new material and it covers a year. I know it jumps out of chronological order but keeping a family book of centuries may help with that.

    I think the credits would still work for high school… from the samples each ancient history module is 1/2 credit history.  By doing 1 term from each module every cycle, would still equal 1/2 a credit history each year.  I’m assuming 1/6 credit could be assigned for each term…

    I’ve only looked through the samples so I don’t know if that means some books will be left unfinished. Would that be an issue? Will the boys have trouble with ancient history being learned this way?

    I would love and appreciate any thoughts on if this would work or what issues I might run into?



    Hello. Welcome. My advice to you is not to plan that far ahead. Your kids are so little and things change, enjoy the journey. I am currently attempting the first 3 modules in one year for my 9th and 6th grader. It is A LOT of reading. A TON of Bible in module one. I am finding my plan of 2-3 lessons per day is way too much some days and we have to slow down.  I would never try this with a first grader. The regular pace is so nice and comfortable. I am only doing it because we need to get through the American History credits for graduation and my 9th grader couldn’t bear to skip a history period. I would suggest you take one module at a time and enjoy it. You can double up later when you get near high school. Even with older kids we are skipping some readings and it leaves no room at all to add extra books we come across. I strongly encourage you to take your time at that age. It is so much fun.


    I agree with above not to plan to far in advance. I remember when my oldest was in 1st and I was trying to plan the next 12 years plus her younger siblings added into the mix. I kept thinking I would do plan A, then modify A, then create plan B… and so on 🙂

    I now plan just the year we are on. I have realized that what works for each child changes, what works for me changes, what interests are change… I am now teaching 9th, 7th, and 4th and while I use SCM for my youngest my older two are now independent for history but I pull from the SCM history guide for literature books. Things just start changing naturally as your students grow up.

    Plan for the year you are in, enjoy that year and then move onto the next 🙂 I jumped around for history guides because we did what interested us. We did guide 5 first (Early American/World), then Guide 1 (Ancient Egypt), then guide 4 (Renn and Reff) then continued on in the rotation from that point forward, but as my children got older they started to have different interests and wanted to branch out.

    All those hours of trying to create a perfect plan never helped because I realized there was no “perfect” just go a year at a time with a big picture of goals in mind, but all penciled in because there are always changes. 🙂


    That’s a good point… worry about tomorrow when we get to tomorrow.

    Like you said each child is different, with different interests, and what works with one may not work with the other. Plus high school requirements may change when they get to that age…

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