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    Okay, I know that this question has come up many times but I would like to know more about your experience – likes and dislikes with the CM Organizer, specifically the pros that you have found in using it as opposed to just writing the schedule on paper. We only have two school aged children at the time so I’m not sure if it would save a lot of time in scheduling. My husband wants me to be sure that it will save me lots of time in scheduling and make our life easier- if he’s going to spend the money on it. I already used up my trial period when it first came out and unfortunalty ,because of circumstances, wasn’t able to “try” it much during that time. So, I would love to hear of your experience (pros and cons) with it this far. Thanks again and forgive me as this question might be a repeat of what has already been asked.

    With lots of appreciation to you all!



    Heather, I have 3 children but I’m happy to tell you my experience!

    I’ve tried an awful lot of planning things–several different computer programs, using several different paper planners that I kept writing on. For me, the only con of the Organizer is the cost (I think it’s worth it, but still, it’s something I need to plan carefully for) and the fact that, on occasion, my interenet connection is down and I can’t access the Organizer.


    I used to write things out, cross them out when we didn’t do them, write them out again. I had to write out the things each child did separately, then on top of that I had to either write the things we did all together, once and photocopy it for each child’s file, or copy it out two more times. Argh! I hated that. When I needed to make a change, or needed to move something, or a child read ahead, or someone was sick and didn’t get a day done, I had to go back and rewrite and reschedule. Even when we moved to a computer program, when we didn’t get something done, I would stress–it was easier to keep the kid up late or do dictation in the car than to reschedule the missing assignment on the computer program! Which made for some crazy days. The longest time of my planning was writing out which things we’d read each week, splitting each book up and then writing out all the book assignments–I spent weeks on this every year.

    I don’t do any of those things anymore! I used to spend several weeks in the summer getting everything ready, then two hours every Friday afternoon. Now, I just do a quick check on Fridays to see if there are upcoming project or experiment ingredients I need to get ready, or photocopies I need to make. Ten minutes and I’m done. 🙂 If we miss something, it’s OK. It’ll show up again the next time. No more laboriously splitting up books into weekly assignments–I choose the book from the nice stock of titles here, and in two minutes can have it scheduled throughout the year for three children. 🙂 I spend a lot less time each morning worrying about assigments, who’s done what, and following kids around to write down how far they got on everything–because my morning record keeping takes seconds on the computer, and they can do a lot of it themselves.

    My dh was concerned about the cost too, but just the other day he asked when it was time to pay for it again because he wanted to make sure I renewed this. He’s very happy with the extra breads and muffins and things I promised to make for him with my extra time. 🙂 I just took the boys’ printed summary reports from the end of our “school year” to him, along with the transcripts (for the oldest) that I made out using the info from them, and they look so nice and professional. He was impressed, both with the reports and with what we’d gotten accomplished this year, because he said it felt so much more effortless to him (probably because my stress level was so much lower, lol) My mil was just here kind of harping on homeschooling, and he proudly told her that the reports of what the boys got done this year were seveen pages long–each!

    Michelle D


    I’m sorry to jump in but I have to say thanks for the chuckle…

    “He’s very happy with the extra breads and muffins and things I promised to make for him with my extra time.”

    It truly is about keeping EVERYBODY happy. For this reason alone, one could easily say the organizer is worth it!

    Cute, really cute. 🙂

    Rebecca S.

    Doug Smith

    @csmamma, I just gave you some more time on the CM Organizer trial. It sounds like you didn’t have a chance to really work with it so this should help you get a better feel for wether it meets you needs.



    What a delightful surprise -thats wonderful! Thank you for the added trial time. I will surely make use of it!


    Thank you so very much for filling me in on your experience with the organizer. I think maybe I’ll tell my hubby that I too will make extra breads, muffins and things with all of my extra time. LOL 🙂

    I do think that this will be the time saver that I’ve been searching for- no more writing everything out- yeah.:)

    You’ve been most helpful – truly!

    Many blessings,



    I LOVE the CM Planner, love how much time I save and the fact that it’s flexible.

    I don’t like:

    -That I have to scroll down thru a bunch of stuff that we aren’t doing that day or have already done. I wish it would be at the bottom of the page instead of in the way.

    -There’s no graphics on the Daily Plan page. I’m visual. I like graphics.

    -There’s two lines (worked on/completed) even for the things that I don’t need both for (chores, for example). This goes back to the scrolling issue. If things took up less space, I could probably see what I need to see at a glance.

    Overall, it is the absolute best option for CM Schoolers, by far!

    I’m very happy with it!

    Rachel White

    I love the Organizer, too! What’s even better now is the journal at the top. My son has a tendency to do alot of extra things, delight directed learning, either in addition to or in place of what is on the schedule. Before I had to write it in after I had printed it out; now I can put it in at the same time as the others. Also, I have a tendency to be spontaneous and use something else instead of what’s scheduled, so now I can add that in the journal part, too.

    It is well worth the money. It’s flexible (which I NEED ) and it also gives order (which I crave as well!). The initial input is time consuming, but it’s worth it.



    I would have to say I have been blessed today with the trial run! So far I LOVE it!!! I’m still playing around, and trying to get everything inputted, but am feeling much more confident about the overall plan, which I ahve really been struggling with. As soon DH got home, I ran to the computer to show him everything! I’m looking forward to the next month!


    Here’s a question: Let’s say you miss doing something a day. Then you miss again. Can the organizer show you when you will expect to complete the book? Or is the completion date open-ended?


    Sonya Shafer

    Completion date is entirely open-ended at this point, Cindy.

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