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  • Betty Dickerson

    I posted this on the FB page but thought I would post here as well. I am really not sure how to proceed.  I have a question regarding Book 2 p. 209. We just finished making our 2 times table. We did really well with multiplying by 20. But for problems 2,3, and 4 —we are multiplying by higher numbers that we haven’t made a table for. For problem 2, it’s multiplying by 3. Problem 4 is 24 times .35 cents.  I feel like I have missed a step or this was a very big jump. And these are under the heading of sums. I am not understanding this.  I guess I need some clarification. I feel like I’m almost as much of a student as my daughter!! Thank you so much!!!😊

    Richele Baburina

    Hi Betty,

    In Book 2 longer multiplication is taken somewhat experimentally. We’ll continue in Book 3 and Book 4. 💡moments are hard to predict but we want the children to have chances to meet with this idea. Some suggestions: 1) each time, break larger problems down into two unrelated problems (one multiplying the units and the next, multiplying by the 2 tens). Next, add your answers (products) as an addition problem. Now, take the larger problem and see if she knows how to work it.2) You might go to page 243 and work the lesson on “multiplying by 10, 100, 1000” then come back to where you left off.3) Or, touch on the simpler problems in this section of table work, and then circle back to the others as experience increases while the ideas germinate.4) If multiplication by 2 is providing plenty to digest, you may take time and camp out on the table a bit more before heading further up and in. Hoorah for SCM providing 2 bookmarks.

    Let me know if these suggestions help and  how it goes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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