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    What does doing CM in high school look like at your house?

    How do you implement the cm method for teenage boys so as not to make them feel so though they’re receiving an inferior education?

    How do you work in picture study, composer study when they don’t want to join a sibling (s)?


    Hi Becky.  We have been using CM methods for about 8 years.  Not purely, and not perfectly, but doing our best.  I have three children, 6th, 9th and 11th.  Boy, girl, boy.  My 11th grader is mostly on his own now.  He was feeling very bogged down with our family studies so I reluctantly released him.  He is much happier racing through his studies without us.  He has never been the academic type so has never enjoyed “school.”  Here is what our homeschool looks like.

    11th Grade Son
    English Class (I am pulling him out of this class next semester.  It has not been what I hoped it would be.  We will do Lost Tools of Writing and the Notgrass American Lit in place of the class)
    Easy Grammar 11
    Apologetics Class
    Algebra at home with mom
    Notgrass Exploring American History at home with mom
    SCM Visits to North America

    All Family
    Literature – Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Bible Memory Verses

    Family (two youngest only)
    SCM History/Bible/Geo Guides  (plugging along at a nice speed, on track to finish Egypt and Greece this year)
    SCM Composer Study
    SCM Artists
    SCM Poetry Study
    Art – Creating a Masterpiece
    Journaling a Year in Nature (we have only done this once this year…whoops)

    9th Grade daughter
    SCM Bible Reads
    Pursuit of God
    Literature read
    Teaching the Classics (mom led discussions using methods I am attempting to learn)
    SCM history reads
    Math U See Zeta
    Elements of Style
    Spelling Wisdom/Using Language Well
    Grammar for the Well Trained Mind
    Written Narrations
    Ourselves book 1
    Physical Science Class

    6th grade son
    SCM History Reads
    Literature reads
    Spelling Wisdom/Using Language Well
    First Language Lesson 4 (grammar only)
    Written Narrations
    Math U See Delta
    Apologia Science Class

    I try to stick to SCM recommendations a lot of the time.  I find whenever I stray I am miserable and end up back with their products.  I need a lot of hand-holding with composition and grammar so I lean toward sort of lightly classical materials, if that is even a thing.  I don’t start in depth grammar or composition instruction until junior high and then we go slowly.



    After having 2 finish high school (boys at that) I do know they need to have time to work on their own as long as they have developed their ability to work on their own however, I still required a sort of “morning time” where we had our kids all come together first thing and this is where I combined many subjects which included:  poetry, composer study, art appreciation, solfa, hymn studies, recitation (even though doing different ones), current events, Shakespeare, Plutarch.  My kids didn’t always like being together but they knew it was not an option this was our time together.  After that, they worked on their own on their schedules within the same room but on their own.  This worked well for us.  Yes, the rigor of high school is quite different but many subjects you can just bump up or have written narrations done in their composition times of these subjects as to not disrupt the flow of morning time and having others having to wait.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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