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    In case anyone interested missed this sale: The Write From History Curriculum series by Brookdale House is 40% off e-books through August 7th.   The code “take40off” is listed on their website homepage too and can be applied at check-out.

    The Write From History books have copywork, short stories for narration/reading, and dictation exercises that coordinate with each of the 4 year cycle historical periods.  There’s a Level 1 and 2 version for each period as well as manuscript and cursive.  There are over 60 different selections in each booklet, and each selection could be used for a week.  The e-books are PDFs and can be printed again for future kids.  We ordered the Level 1 for Early Modern Times about a month ago and have been happy so far.  For us, $13 (price after discount applied) for a year’s worth prepared copywork/dictation/short story material was a good investment. In case my link doesn’t work, google “Brookdale House Write From History” and it will take you to the publisher’s main page.


    Grrrr… I bought both of mine already! Thanks for posting though. I am very pleased with the Early Modern Times level 1 manuscript and Level 2 cursive. Smile


    I like that I only have to print what I am going to use and I am very curious to see if kids like the grammar part, which I am going to do as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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