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    I am looking to purchase the complete CM Series and looking for some input. There are a few different ones on Amazon. My concern is the ones from 1989 or 1993 seem small if they are about 4-5 inches by 7 inches and I would prefer larger books. There are two different ones published in 2009 that appear to be bigger. Are these all complete works and all of them the same except the covers?


    I don’t have one yet but this is the one on my wish list.  Someone on this forum told suggested this was a good one.  



    I have the 1989 printing and I really like the size.



    Lesley Letson

    The print is small, but not too bad. I have thought about the bigger versions too (I have the ones linked above) but one thing I would mention is that when these book are quoted most everywhere (and especially here with your SCM books) they will be referencing the page numbers of this smaller set. So if you’d like to be able to have those things coordinate, you may want the smaller size set.


    I have the pink set, and it’s the size of a typical paperback book…I’m guessing the 4.5 by 7.  

    Doug Smith

    Are these all complete works and all of them the same except the covers?

    They are a bit different. The pink (or red) set are reproductions from the original books’ pages. Any of the others I’ve examined appear to have been taken from the free text on the Ambleside Online website. That was hand typed by volunteers and some of the other printed volumes contain the same typos as appear on their website.


    Just wanted to mention that on the AO forums it has just been noted that the Kindle version for $0.99 has definitely been taken from AO, because there was some footnotes with comments made by the AO advisory that also appears in the Kindle version.

    They aren’t too happy about it…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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