Charlotte Mason Application Outside USA

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  • Sergio

    Good Day,

    My wife and I are living in South Africa, Cape Town and are busy deciding on curriculums, methods etc. We are new home-schoolers; not to the concept but to the application of it.

    We need to know if the Charlotte Mason method and curriculum has been used outside of the USA and is there anyone with experience that can comment?

    We want to know if we can use this particular curriculum in South Africa or will we have to customise it?




    Rachel White

    CM was British,  so I think it should be simpler for you than those of us in the states.

    SCM has a British spelling version of Spelling Wisdom. You would localize your history, with the emphasis on British, I assume. America would likely fall into World History.


    I believe this lady is a CM homeschooler in South Africa.  I have used some of her practical pages from her website, but know nothing about her.  Maybe you could contact her through the website.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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